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Buy a Sex Toy, Save a Child



Sinless Touch, the adult toy company has received numerous calls to shut down its Adopt A Child Charity Program.

    “ We have received numerous complaints and a lot of organizations are threatening to sue us. We will not back down. We will continue our noble cause because we believe in creating a standard for the future. ” said Jessica Blake, Sinless Touch Vice President of Corporate Communications.

    Sinless Touch has been receiving a lot of heat and criticism from the public for its Adopt A Child Charity Program. People are saying the program is unethical and inappropriate for an adult novelty store. Non-profit organizations are threatening legal action if the program is not abolished by Sinless Touch.

    “ People are being shortsighted and irrational. Its never unethical nor inappropriate to help, just because we sell adult toys, doesn’t mean we’re heartless. We want to change the negative perception the adult novelty industry has received in the past. We know we’re doing the right thing. ” said Blake.

    The Adopt A Child Charity Program is the brainchild of the founders of Sinless Touch. Having the fortune of being raised with all the opportunities to escape poverty and illiteracy, they credit their success to the strong examples set by their parents’ ambitions and sacrifices.

    “ We knew that our charity program will raise a lot of eyebrows, but what the people don’t see is that we’re not different from the other industries. We will never waver in our commitment just because people view it differently.” said Jerome Daniels, Communications Director of Sinless Touch.

These recent developments have also changed the way the public look at the adult novelty industry. Sinless Touch has earned a lot of respect for their trailblazing efforts in eliminating poverty and illiteracy. Sinless Touch encourages personal empowerment, community education, and support for a more passionate world.

Sinless Touch is a boutique style online store that offers a unique combination of adult toys, carefully selected 9Hot collections and romantic vacations. It also provides customers with a host of educational resources through its Sexpedia service

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