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Cal/Osha Meeting- UPDATE by Jeremy Steele

jeremiahsteele Says:
I was there. FSC was there. In fact Executive Director Diana Duke thanked me for my speeches and contributions. Also, a staff writer for the LA Times came over and got my contact info after I spoke. I guess this contradicts Bill Margold’s claim that I had no reason to be there. I think it went reasonably well. A quote from one of the commissioners was that “we’re here to find common ground”, and to my suprise they expressed concern about the ramifications of any legislation upon the industry itself. During the first break I spoke with the lady running things and she clarified for me that the meeting was not so much about enforcing an existing law but interpreting it, as well as possibly amending the law in regards to safety in the porn industry. They agreed to have us voluntarily form subcommittes on the matter. There seems there will be no rush to judgment, which is good. I’ll get more into it later.

NL-Thanks Jeremy. I want to hear about what you said in your speech.. And why did you talk to Bill Margold?


More from Jeremy- To answer your question regarding Margold, he started loudly saying from the end of the hall in front of Steve Nelson and whoever would listen to him babble that I’m a “piece of shit”, so I yelled back “Hi, Bill!”, went up to talk to him and he expressed his anger over me writing about him living off of PAW. He insisted he makes and takes no money and offered to provide tax statements or something. When I asked how me pays his bills he angrily responded that was none of my damn business. But enough of that…

I had prepared a couple drafts of a speech, in case I was to get up at the podium but instead from my seat spoke several points:

I agreed with Nina Hartley’s point that there is no way to make the industry “risk free”, and added it comes down to an interpretation of what is safe enough. However, “safer” does not mean “safe” and the question is how do you draw the line and who’s to say?

I mentioned that statistics say that 80% of the general population has oral herpes (cold sores), meaning someone carries a virus which could lead you to catching a cold sore. Based on this logic, I’m suprised porn hasn’t outlawed kissing in porn, not that I advocate doing so. Also, logically speaking there should be no oral sex without condom use, based on this stat.

I’m against condom use because they are not a guarantee of stopping disease. Shelley has claimed there’s epidemics in the biz but the closest epidemic I’ve seen is the staph infection outbreak
around ‘05. And condoms would’ve been absolutely useless to stop them, as they occured on the legs, thighs, buttocks, around the genital area. Also, HIV is said to be microscopic in size while holes in condoms are much greater, so it is like stopping a golf ball with a hoola hoop. Regardless, the chances of an HIV + person infecting another through sex, is highly unlikely whether or not a condom is used, so the argument that condoms are stopping AIDS in my opinion is dubious.

I also brought up 46,000 highway deaths a year being a lot closer to an epidemic, and that while comparing cars to condoms is like comparing apples to aeroplanes, the point is the efforts to hypothetically make a vehicle so safe by enforcing it with steel, etc, may not be economically viable.

I also added that coal miners die but choose to take those risks because it is perhaps their only way of making a living and should we take that right to work away? I would never advocate that type of work, and all that can be done should be done to keep people from dying and having health problems but there’s only so much you can do and we have to allow people the right to choose, the freedom of choice.

It should all come down to INFORMED Consensual agreement between employees and employers as to what they are willing to do.

I also added stunt people in movies at times choose to take risks beyond what the need to for the love of art. The evil kinievals of the world certainly can be done in but do you or I have the right to take away their right to take risks in order to make gains?

I’ve got to go, I’ll say more later…



Anyone that attended please email me/send pics or comment.

[email protected]  TY

Oh & Mike, I didn’t get the memo about The FSC sending anyone to the meeting. I even checked their site looking for a press release. Guess they only send important information to people who pay to join? That makes no sense….

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