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Camera Of Death Visits FOXE Awards

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Video: Michelle Avanti Interview Kayla Quinn, Michelle Avanti, Scott Hancock Scott Hancock Interview Video Anita Cannibal and her legendary fan Howard Summer Storm Interview FOXE Beauties Bill Margold Interview Rayveness Interview Ron Hightower Interview JT was the videographer for What Women Want Star of Chinaman’s Chance says her name is Snow White

Bill Margold Begins Show Sunny Lane Sunny Lane Talks To The Crowd Rayveness, Jen X Take The Stage Sasha Brabuster, Tony Sexton FOXE Awards Anita Cannibal Video Phyllisha Anne dances for Ron Sullivan Video Honoring Ron SullivanVideo

Whore writes on XPT: “Why is it always the ugliest of the ugly that always seek attention by showing their hideous face in public? No wonder the Feds want to prosecute porners for obscenities charges. It can’t be more obscene then this.”

When I walked in to the FOXE Awards Sunday at 6 p.m., Cannibal was topless and surrounded by photographers. She spotted me and put on her graduation cap, saying that she’d read the many negative remarks (I believe she used the four letter expletive starting with -s-) on my website about her chances for success as a lawyer (she plans to go to law school).

There were no awards presented. Organizer Bill Margold said the fans were too apathetic to vote for awards this year. “There will be bowling if this is a success. You like the bowling but you have to pay to play. You are the lifeblood that keeps these kids going.”

“I love the silence. You can hear a pubic hair drop in this room.”

“If you’d like to talk to the kids… Don’t be afraid of them because without the fans there is no performer. You feed their ego. They need validation. They need credibility. They need to be told they are loved. The best thing to do with an adult performer is to hug them. They use sex to avoid a relationship.”

Alicia Rio, who did her first scene in 1990, says she will be forming a talent agency (Real World Inc) and writing adult movie reviews for the Beverly Hills Outlook.

“It’s a cultural publication. It has over two million readers.”

“I recently got married to my girlfriend. We’ve been together six years.”

Luke: “Where did you get married?”

Alicia: “At the courthouse. We’re going to honeymoon in Hawaii.”

“I’ve never been biased. I’ve worked with handicapped… I don’t mind because I don’t judge. I just love.”

Rio did her last scene in 1998.

I chat with Summer Storm. “How do you feel about our last interview?”

Summer: “I think it was horrible and I wish you would take it off the internet.”

“I looked like hell.”

“Do you want to see my tits? You never want to see my tits. Why?”

“I woke up at that party, I was passed out, and I woke up and there was nobody there. It was 6 a.m.”

“You put the worst stuff on me on the internet. You never used to do that.”

“I’ve been reading, ‘Learn to Earn.’”

Luke: “What are your life goals?”

Summer: “You ask me the same questions every time. Last time they were different than this time becaused I was f—ed up.”

“My life goal is to be happy and to have lots of tigers and lions.”

Luke: “What makes you sad?”

Summer: “When people are cruel to animals and old people.”

Luke: “What about when people are cruel to porn stars?”

Summer: “People are never cruel to us.”

Rayveness says she’s never had any trouble with stalkers.

In porn since 1990, she has not done a scene for a year (because she had aher first baby).

Rayveness goes to church every week but she says there’s nothing she hates about the industry. “I don’t plan on retiring. As long as people keep buying my movies…”

Luke: “What’s it like growing older in this industry?”

Rayveness’s face tightens. “Age doesn’t bother me, if that’s what you mean. A lot of girls are funny about their age. Not me. I don’t really care.”

Luke: “What do you love and hate about growing older?”

Rayveness: “You say hate a lot… Where I come from [North Carolina], I don’t hate things or hate people or hate ideas.”

She says on stage: “I’ve always put my relationship before my career, which has hurt my career.”

Now she’s in a relationship where she has freedom to have sex with whomever on camera.

“The films of today are like how mean can I be to this girl? Can I slap her and spit on her? I don’t think that’s what sex is all about — abusing somebody.”

I chat with Ron and Shawn Hightower.

They’ve been together three years.

Shawn works with Ron behind the camera (never been in front of it).

Ron: “Without it [porn], I would never gotten to do anything else.”

“Sometimes I hate that…people just know me for that.”

“You don’t forget where you come from. You just remember why you left… Everybody should be in a position to grow and do other things.”

Ron’s worked outside of porn for the past few years.

Sunny Lane says that her ABC Primetime appearance has “started a new revolution because people are really talking about parents, children, how much they’re involved with them around the world and how much people care about what they do, be it being an adult star or from going to off to war and your parents don’t agree… It’s show many people from around the world how it can embrace them and change their lives. It’s been intense. Everybody’s been talking about it on the talkshows. I’ve been offered a lot of things. I’m not doing any tabloid TV because I didn’t come from trash and I don’t want to be made out that way.”

“All right, anybody else? I like this.”

Sunny says she wakes up masturbating.

An Hispanic gentleman with a Mexican accent yells: “Will you show your tits?”

Sunny: “Oh listen to you. Do you have a question for me?”

Man: “Yeah. Will you show your tits?”

Sunny: “Do you have a real question for me?”

Man: “Will you show your boobs?”

Another man yells: “Let’s see them!”

She shows them. “Shirley Temple of X all the way,” she says.

“Sexual wellbeing is the number one thing in life… To love themselves for who they are.”

Sunny and other porn girls take the stage to talk about what freedom means to them.

I chat with JT, formerly of JT Video. He shot my first movie — What Women Want in January 1996. It starred Kimberly Kummings.

JT started in Adult in 1988 after he got laid off from a TV station. He placed ads offering to videotape your sex life. He got a studio on Hollywood and Vine for about a decade, renting it out to people who wanted to make porn videos.

“It was always a sideline. I never supported myself fully with that.”

Jen X (Angela Rodriguez) takes the stage. “I was the first sleeved girl to shoot in the industry. Then nobody would shoot me because I was sleeved. People would shut their doors on me because they said I had too many tattoos. I’d have to cover my tattoos with make-up or wear long-sleeved shirts for anybody to shoot me. I guess it’s not like that any more.”

Jen X has debuted this six-minute trailer for her series American Rebel on YouTubeZ.

Jen X did her first scene (with Candy Apples) for John T. Bone circa 1995.

Jen used to be roommates with Lois Ayres, who introduced her to porn.

“This [porn] was everything my grandparents told me was bad and awful and everything I thought was good and wonderful. I come from a strict Jewish wealthy family as you can see. Sex was bad. Tattoos were bad. Boys were bad. I was the naughty bad tattooed girl of my Hebrew school. It was everything I wanted to find out. I thought that sucking dick on film made me Barbara Streisand.”

“My mom is really cool. She’s collected every poster, every clippping of me. My grandparents knew…”

“I wish our Hollywood got the benefits the other Hollywood offers. Nobody gets residuals.”

“I started out as a $200 a week wardrobe girl. Then I became a publicist. I don’t if Jewish women are just good publicists… It’s worked towards my benefit. I’m Jen X, crazy big-titted porn star.”

“I had tons of pierces ages ago. Lois and I got pierced before everyone else. Then when everyone got pierced, I took out my piercings. I just got my belly button re-pierced. I’m afraid to get my clit pierced because just at that moment a 9.0 earthquake will hit Los Angeles…”

Jen says that 25 feet of beads is the maximum of what she can pull out of herself. “I can smoke cigarettes too. I can pinch your dick right off. It’s called muscle control. These are my stupid pet tricks.”

She takes off her top.

Bill: “Happy tits. These are what we fight wars for, kids. Freedom isn’t free.”

“A little noise would be nice.”

Bill Amerson (John Holmes former manager and friend) shows up with his girlfriend. She was a stripper and he met her through his club (owned with Brick Majors and co).

Jane Waters and Van Damage came to honor Ron Sullivan.

Bill Margold says Anita Cannibal is his favorite performer of all time.

Bill wanted to honor her at the Legends of Erotica in January but she was working at the Chicken Ranch.

Margold presented her with the Carnal Medal of Honor. There’s scattered applause.

“Thank you, Bill,” she says. “I’ve never won anything before like this.”

I talk to Colonel Rob and his trusty bald sidekick.

“There’s only one reason we’re all here tonight and that’s Pamela Peaks,” he says.

The two old men clap as vigorously as their infirmities allow.

“Maybe Alex Sanders will show up,” says the sidekick.

I point out Jen X.

The sidekick calls her over.

“Thank you for being here tonight,” says the sidekick to her. “Jen X. Is that your Christian name?”

The sidekick thanks Larry (the Rudolph Valentino lookalike who’s always giving flowers to the girls and remembering their birthdays) for his contributions. “You’re very brave,” says the sidekick, shaking his hand. “Larry, I know what you saw and did.”

Jen X: “Everyone’s like, ‘Do you remember your Hebrew?’”

Luke: “Did you have a bat mitzvah?”

Jen X: “I decided to be punk rock instead. I was getting a bat mitzvah with a mohawk.”

She got her first tattoo at 16.

Luke: “Why did you keep going?”

Jen X: “I have an addictive personality.”

Sidekick comes over. “Luke, if I could be honest.

“Sorry, Phyllisha Anne’s coming by.”

“Luke, you’re not putting this on the internet are you? This is off the record. You’re following the Associated Press Guidebook, aren’t you?”

Lori Vargas strips on stage.

“What Lori Vargas has done for our community is just unmentionable… Rob, she does everything for the children, doesn’t she? 2257.”

We mourn Betty Friedan.

Luke: “What have you guys been working on?”

Rob: “We don’t talk about projects. We are not here to plug movies or music. We’re here for Pamela Peaks.”

There’s an old shutterbug with an oxygen tank.

Sidekick grabs a random fan named Eddie: “These people owe something to you, don’t they?”

Sidekick: “Eddie, before you leave, thank you for what you’ve done over the past year.”

Rob: “God bless you.”

Phil Spector’s former assistant walks over and holds out a bowl of saltines. “They didn’t stint tonight.”

“There’s Cara Lott,” says the sidekick, waving his fan. “She’s the Ellen Barkin of our community.”

Phyllisha Anne walks out waving an American flag in honor of Ron Sullivan’s contributions to the pornographic arts.

She escorts him to the stage.

“This is a billion dollar industry,” says the Colonel.

At 1 p.m. Sunday, I drove to Scott Hancock’s (Overboard Video, BlazingBucks) house in Woodland Hills.

I sit by the pool with Michelle Avanti, Kayla Quinn and make-up artist Ellie.

Luke to Kayla: “Why do you know so much about AA?”

Kayla: “My father’s an alcoholic. Why do you think I’m in porn? Duh.”

Avanti, 27, has been in porn for about a year.

“I f—ed all my friends’ daddies… Two of them… I like old men… I did a teacher. I worked at a school and I f—ed a vice-principal… I used to be a director… I was in charge of the little kids. Their daddies, I f—ed. I’m such a whore.”

Luke: “What was your reputation in high school?”

Michelle: “I was a whore.”

“I like f—ing married men.”

Luke: “Do you feel guilty?”

Michelle: “No. I like trouble.”

Luke: “What are your earliest memories?”

Michelle: “My mother would go out a lot and I’d have to stay with my cousins. They were drunks.”

“I don’t talk to my father. He’s been out of my life since I was two. He cheated on my mom.”

“I was bored being an only child.”

Michelle’s never been able to figure out MySpace.

Luke: “What are your goals for your life?”

Michelle: “Dang, all these hard questions.”

She plans to return to college in September to pursue a B.A. in Journalism. She wants to become a publicist.

Luke: “Did you lose any friends when you got into the Adult industry?”

Michelle: “I lost a lot of friends.”

I meet a bloke who knows a bloke with my name in Phoenix. This guy owns he has people ribbing him all the time because of the notoriety I’ve given our name.

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