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Camera Of Death Visits Party

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6757 Hollywood Bl: I talk to Tiana Lynn.

Luke: “Why do you choose to stay in the industry?”

Tiana (who attends church weekly): “It’s like a family to me.”

“I came in to this industry (five years ago) and it’s all I know out here. They took me under their wing and helped me grow up and become a woman and an adult.”

Luke: “What do you love and what do you hate about being a part of this industry?”

Tiana: “Wow. That’s a tough question that could get me in a lot of trouble.”

“What I love about my company is that we love to help people. We don’t have to lie to each other. Everything’s out in the open. No one’s judgmental. We’re all part of the same thing. But I do find it kinda confines you to this industry, you go out in public, you’re talking at dinner, you’re going over your titles for the month and the people next to you are leaving… It’s a little difficult because you don’t know when to leave your work at work.”

Luke: “It becomes all consuming.”

Tiana: “It definitely does. You eat, breathe and sleep porn.”

Luke: “How does it affect your relationships?”

Tiana: “When I was in the movies, I didn’t have a relationship.”

“I’m not ashamed of anything I did.”

“You’re going to need a really strong man because it is going to be intimidating to most men. Yes, it’s a little difficult.”

“I’ve gotten recognized at the strangest moments. I’m wearing my glasses. I’m in sweats and they’re like, ‘Could you sign this real quick?’

“At the grocery store, I had one guy follow me out to my car. I thought I stole something. He said, ‘Hey!’ He had me sign a business card.”

“Most of the people I’ve encountered have been polite and proper about it. They’re not creepy. They’re just genuinely excited.”

Luke: “You used to dabble in drugs. How did you get sober?”

Tiana: “The industry. I got out of the industry for a while, got my head together, got back in and got right back into the drugs. Then I got calls from Vivid, Digital Playground, Elegant Angel…and I realized that everybody is going to watch me if I f— up. I realized I needed to become a serious actress.”

“I’ve been three years off drugs two weekends ago.”

Luke: “Is it hard when you put yourself in these party situations?”

Tiana: “It is but he’s with me [a strapping young man] so that makes it much better.”

“I don’t think I need anybody to keep an eye on me. Just the companionship. It’s always easier when you’re both ordering two waters.”

“I try for new goals every day. I feed off education. If I’m not learning, I’m bored.”

Photographers are herded into a constricted area and not allowed to visit the rest of the party. When I do, I’m quickly busted and sent back by some burly Russian bouncer.

Ava Rose rushes past my camera. I feel sorry for the photographers around me who are denied the opportunity to photograph her due to her antipathy for the Camera of Death.

Ava tells a confused interviewer from Mad TV: “I’m covering up because of Luke… He’s right there. He’s the worst. He’s not an animal though. He can’t help himself.”

As I wait for porners to pass by the red carpet, I study these excerpts from Epictetus:

Those who are morally untrained spend an inordinate amount of time on their bodies. Carry out your animal functions incidentally. Your main attention should be given to the care and development of your reason.


Females are especially burdened by the attention they receive for their pleasing appearance. From the time they are young, they are flattered by males or evaluated only in terms of their outward appearance.

Unfortunately, this can make a woman feel suited only to give men pleasure, and her true inner gifts sadly atrophy…


Aggressive, glib or show talk should be completely avoided.

Many people casually pepper their speeech with obscenities in an attempt to bring force and intensity to their speech or to embarrass others. Refuse to go along with such talk.


No matter where you find yourself, comport yourself as if you were a distinguished person.

While the behavior of many people is dictated by what is going on around them, hold yourself to a higher standard. Take care to avoid parties or games where thoughtless revelry and carousing are the norm. If you find yourself at a public event, remain rooted in your own purposes and ideals.

I’m profiled in today’s Daily News.

Scott McGowan writes on

Well, from what I can tell there is a lot of cry babying going on out there in the vast wasteland of porn about the L.A. Daily News’ exposé on the porn biz. I suppose it’s to be expected. After all, every time someone starts hinting at the truth about how this business works, the griping starts. It’s the same ol’ song and dance.

Porn people love to feel like victims, for some reason. Maybe we’re just conditioned that way. All I know is that I’ve just read the first two parts of Daily’s week long series and as best as I can tell, porners have nothing to complain about. From what I can tell, this is some the most thoroughly researched, best written, objective mainstream pieces I’ve ever read. Dare I say, they’ve even been, well, nice. That is to say that they’ve been a lot nicer than I’ve sometimes been.

Monday’s article works out to be a brief history of modern pornography. From what I can tell, they have their facts correct.

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