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Camera Of Death Visits Tee Reel’s Pajama Party

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Angelina: “I don’t remember a lot of my childhood. When I was 14, I got hit by a car and broke my skull and I was in a coma for six weeks.”

Luke: “Are there any lasting affects aside from memory loss?”

Angelina: “Yeah, I twitch now and again, but nobody can tell when I do it. I like smile and nod my head real fast.”

She says she was a bad kid in high school and hung out with the wrong crowd. “I was into that whole punk scene and did a lot of drugs but I’m over it now.”

Candy hung out with the aggies in high school.

Angelina lost her virginity at 14 and she says she stopped counting her sex partners at 48 when she was 17.

Candy was with only one guy through high school. She thought he’d be the one to marry her.

“Men suck… I’ve been in I don’t know how many relationships now and they’ve all promised to take care of me and none of them have. They can’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to take care of themselves let alone me.”

Angelina: “I’ve been following Donny Long’s career for about a year and a half now. My boyfriend idolizes Donny Long. He cut his hair like him one time. I bought a bunch of his videos online… One day I got an email on MySpace [from Donny Long] and I went to his website He called me the next day. I put it on speakerphone so my boyfriend could hear it. Two weeks later, I was in California.”

“I just talked to my boyfriend a little while ago. He said, ‘Did you meet him yet? Did you meet Donny Long?’

“When I asked him about this, he said, ‘You’re going. You’re doing the porn star thing.’”

Candy does not do interracial while Angelina is very selective about her interracial scenes. It has to be a well-mannered black guy, not a thug.”

Aline’s been in porn seven months. For 30 months previous, she worked as a stripper. Before that, she was a maintenance girl for apartments.

Her earliest memory is sticking ABC 1-2-3 blocks n her socks at age two to try on high heels.

Aline’s a military brat and she hated all the moving. “You make a friend and then you lose a friend.”

“I was homecoming queen. I never wore dresses at that time. I was a big tomboy but I never played sports for the school.”

Luke: “What did you love and hate about stripping?”

Aline: “I loved meeting new people. I hated the emotional hustle you had to do for money, so I just quit doing it.”

In her spare time, Aline plays Playstation and plays with her dog.

Her life goal? “To survive.”

I arrive at 10:20 p.m. and leave at 11:30.


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