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Camera Of Death Vs. Author Neil Strauss

I hit a couple of Halloween parties in Hollywood. They were duds.

New Videos: Outside the Bondage Ball at the Henry Fonda theater Video All the stars are out… Meeting Neil Strauss (4:30 in) Neil Strauss, Chasity

Stills: Pic Pic Belle of the Bondage Ball Belle Pic Pic Pic LaTia Lopez Maya Rain Anjelica Black Cherish Lae, Anjelica Black Maya Rain Maya Rain Maya Rain Maya Rain Maya Rain Maya Rain Maya Rain Maya Rain Maya Rain Monstar Monstar Gen Tilly Gen Tilly Monstar Jenn Roberts Tony Batman, Jenn Roberts Lisa, Shy Lisa, Shy Lisa, Shy Lisa, Shy Lisa, Shy Kimberly Lace Kimberly Lace Kimberly Lace Adrenalynn Adrenalynn Adrenalynn, Ricardo Adrenalynn Adrenalynn Adrenalynn Adrenalynn Adrenalynn Adrenalynn Adrenalynn Adrenalynn Tony Batman, Adrenalyn Adrenalynn Monstar Monstar Ryder Ryder Ryder Ryder Ryder Jade Jade Kimberly Kane Kimberly Kane Kimberly Kane Kimberly Kane Kimberly Kane Kimberly Kane Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly Gia, Kimberly Gia, Kimberly Gia, Kimberly Chasity, model, with author Neil Strauss Chasity, Neil Strauss Chasity, Neil Strauss

It’s 10:40 p.m. I am parked at 6100 Sunset Blvd.

I want to go home but I push myself to go to one more party in a part of town I don’t care for — Crenshaw and Pico Blvd.

I circle the block looking for parking. There’s a long line outside. I want to go home. I force myself to stay. I park illegally.

I go inside. After 15 minutes, I’m ready to leave. Then I run into the author of “The Game”.

It’s the highlight of my week (even more important to me than the dead body on Airdrome).

Find out more about Neil Strauss at

My evening begins on Sunset Blvd. Then I walk up Hollywood Blvd to the Henry Fonda theater and check out the crowd outside the Bondage Ball.

A Mexican gangbanger runs past, a police car following with sirens blaring.

I’m told about two old men who’d come to the event year after year and play chest in the middle of the festivities (one of the guys wore a tutu).

I walk up to the club Forbidden City at Vine and Hollywood and hang out for 30 minutes. Then I jump in my car and venture to 4067 Pico Blvd. I get frisked for weaons inside Jewel’s Catch One.

It’s a gothic industrial crowd. “It’s the nicest crowd ever,” says Kimberly Kane. (Video)

“They’re very open and mellow. There won’t be any fights here. Two gothic kids won’t start a fight. It’s nice people.”

Luke: “Is that true generally? Goth kids don’t get in fights?”

Kimberly: “They just shoot their schools apart.”

“This is Neil Strauss. He wrote ‘Bella Loves Jenna.’”

Luke: “You disappeared. You stopped answering your email.”

Neil: “I started keeping track of how I was spending my hours and I realized I was spending eight hours [a day] answering email. I decided to kill my email. It’s the most freeing thing you can ever do.”

Luke: “Are you still ‘Style’?”

Neil: “To some people.”

Luke: “Do you still teach that?”


Luke: “Are you still with the girl from your book?”

Neil: “No. We moved in together. It was awesome. Relationships are hard.”

Luke: “I want to be married.”

Neil: “So do I.”

“Do you think it is a personal failing of yours that you’re not able to get married?”

Luke: “Yeah.”

Neil: “So do I. I feel like I haven’t evolved to the next stage of human.”

Strauss recommends to me the book “Master Your Hidden Self.”

Luke: “Here I am converting to Judaism and I’m always dating shiksas. Self-defeating.”

Neil: “All my friends who go on JDate get married. I’m too scared to go on JDate.”

“Do you find it hard to interact wherever you’re going because you always have this [equipment]?”

Luke: “Yeah.”

Neil has me sketch out pictures of my family when I was a kid. (Video)

Then he gives me an analysis.

Neil: “Your home was a basically healthy situation. You felt pretty close to [my parents].”

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