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Camera Of Death Vs. BABE Poker

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I asked Evan Seinfeld if he and Tera had anything to do with Nikki Benz’s banning. He said he would never comment about Nikki Benz.

I hear Pat Myne and Alektra Blue have married.

I chat with Moxie Maddron. After a few years managing bars, she got into porn two years ago to support her daughter. “I found it hard to find babysitters that weren’t crackheads or flakes.”

Luke: “What were the biggest surprises for you in the Adult industry?”

Moxxie: “Crackheads and flakes.”

Luke: “What do you love and hate about being a porn star?”

Moxxie: “I love that there’s no judgment. Things I hate is that anywhere else you go people will judge you [for sex work].”

“My mom’s sad but she supports you. My brother says, ‘Can you get me in?’”

Luke: “What makes you happy?”

Moxxie: “My daughter.”

In high school, Moxxie was “a bad girl who hung out with the great kids. I had a 4.0. I did all the advanced placement classes but I still smoked and dyed my hair and hung out with the bad kids and lost my virginity early [at 14].”

Moxxie moved out from her parents at 16. After high school, Moxxie began bartending and went to trade school. At 20, she had a baby.

As a kid, Moxxie wanted to become a chiropractor. Then a lawyer.

I overhear Steve Seidman going on about the drug abuse of his former employers Stacey Shepherd and Jeff Cartwright.


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