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Camera Of Death Vs. Club Jenna DVD Release Party

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Here’s a video interview with Kayla Paige‘s mom Mary Beth.

A tall brunette with long hair, Kayla has been in porn six years.

Mary has shown up to this Club Jenna party without telling her daughter. She’s thinking of getting into the industry.

Luke: “What do you think about your daughter being a porn star?”

Mary: “She’s happy with what she’s doing. I’m proud of her for what she’s doing. She’s taking care of herself and her child.”

Luke: “How did you feel about it when you first heard?”

Mary: “I was a little embarrassed. I wasn’t looking forward to telling my brothers about it. Eventually I did.”

Luke: “What changed your attitude about it?”

Mary: “That she was happy with what she was doing. That she was making good money. That she was very good in the work that she was doing.”

Luke: “Is she going to be here tonight?”

Mary: “I have no idea.”

Luke: “How often do you talk to her?”

Mary: “Just on occasion.”

Luke: “How is she going to feel if you get into the industry?”

Mary laughs.

Luke: “Do you think she might freak out?”

Mary: “I think she might.”

Kayla never does show up to the party. I wonder how she would’ve felt seeing her mom there?

From Kayla’s MySpace page:

I was born in Santa Monica CA. I spent alot of time traveling the states growing up. Living everywhere from LA to Amish Pennsylvania and everywhere in between. I’m just a really laid back chick basically. I’m a total stoner and theres nothing better to me than sitting down with a good movie, good friends and good weed! Hehe… I’ve been an adult actress and model for about 4 years now. Covering everything from several shows on PlayboyTV, layouts in magazines like, Hustler, Genesis, Cheri, Showgirls, URB, and the cover of Biker to tons of niche fetish movies and hot girl on girl films and even some mainstream stuff for MTV and Benchwarmer Trading Cards. I work hard and play hard. I value every day i’ve been blessed with and thank God everyday for the amazing people i have in my life to enjoy all the good times and back me up through the bad.

James Bartholet says he tries to put a positive spin on the industry and “this girl [Jersey Jaxin] comes out and puts a negative spin.”

“People don’t realize how intelligent 90% of the people in the industry are.”

“We don’t like people who leave the industry and then slam us.”

Johnny Knox says he’s started escorting to pay for his paraphernalia.

Lela Star shows off her boob and lip jobs.

Justin Syder says: “Me and Shy Love signed twelve girls in the past two days [to Adult Talent Managers]. Brand new. They’ve never done a scene. They’re all hot.”

“Stop asking the girls if they’re doing drugs. That’s mean, Luke.”

Justin’s throwing a big party at Blue Moon Nights on Lankershim Sept. 13.

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