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Camera Of Death Vs. Penthouse Party

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New Videos: Jamie Lynn, Heather Vandeven Interview Kevin Blatt, Shay Laren Interview With Penthouse magazine Publisher Diane Silberstein and Editor Mark Healy Marc Bell, Tila Tequila Jamie Lynn and Bai Ling Jamie Lynn and Bai Ling

Penthouse Pet of the Year 2007, Heather Vandeven, verges on tears when I interview her. (Video)

Luke: “What do you love and hate about your life right now?”

Heather talks about how she lives being under contract to Penthouse.

“What do I hate? I hate how…”

She puts a finger to her eye. She tears up. She looks around. She shakes her head. She looks up, stifling back tears.

Jamie Lynn: “Oh, come on.”

Heather: “No, no. My life’s beautiful right now.”

Luke: “You look like you are about to cry.”

Heather: “Oh, I know. It’s emotional.”

Jamie: “She’s started thinking about it. It’s starting to bring her to tears.”

Heather: “For me, freedom’s very important. It’s hard for me not being able to determine what I’m going to do, to be artistic in my own way, to have to always go along with Penthouse’s vision. It’s bitter sweet. They pay me. They love me. It’s a wonderful company.”

“If you had an uncle named Slur the Perv, what he would take in his back room, that’s what I think is sexy. Not highly glammed up. Raw. A little bit naughty.”

“I’ve learned not to read your own press.”

Jamie: “Throughout my life, I’ve had women who hate me for no reason. …Even if I don’t do hardcore boy-girl, they look at me as the worst person on earth.”

“I haven’t watched many movies or read many books. Is that bad? I’m very busy.”

Khunrum writes: “Question: Luke, I don’t mean to be rude but admittedly you are disliked by just about everyone who knows you, Yid and Porner alike. So, just how to you obtain entree to all these errrrr! functions? Like the Penthouse Party? That said, or rather asked, that Bai Ling is a doll. Did you ask for her telephone number?”

David Clark emails: “Bai Ling & Tila Tequila both within kidnapping distance? The legendary space goddess & the bouncy myspace sociopath together again for the first time? I would have vibrated into a million lil pieces of poison gristle @ the very scent of the air on such an evening. Soldier happily on, my dear Chauncey Gardener. When you click the camera of death, you click for us all…”

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