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Camera Of Death Vs. Wicked Pictures

New Videos: I Get Dunked Holly Randall Dunks Me Holly Randall Holly Randall Vince Vouyer Dunks Me Dunked Cassidy Essence Interview Brad Armstrong Dunked Kirsten Price Dunks Me Tyler Faith and the Gold Star Models

Stills: Luke, Holly Luke, Holly Luke, Holly Luke, Holly Luke, Holly Randall Luke Cassidy Essence Cassidy Essence Cassidy Essence Cassidy Essence Cassidy Essence Cassidy Essence Cassidy Essence Jessica Drake Jessica Drake Jessica Drake Holly Randall Holly Randall Holly Randall Mia Smiles Brandi Edwards Brandi Edwards Carmen Hart, Jessica Drake Jessica Drake, Carmen Hart Ryder Skye Ryder Skye Carmen Hart, Jessica Drake, Brandi Edwards, Jessica Shaw Carmen Hart, Jessica Drake, Brandi Edwards Carmen Hart, Jessica Drake, Brandi Edwards, Jessica Shaw Brandi Edwards Brandi Edwards, Randy Spears, Jessica Shaw Brandi Edwards Monstar, Brooke Haven Monstar, Brooke Haven Monstar, Brooke Haven Climber Climber Nick East, Scott Lyons Nick East, Scott Lyons Christina Aguchi, Vince Vouyer Christina Aguchi Savannah Jane Savannah Jane Brandi Edwards, Christina Aguchi, Vince Vouyer Monstar, Holly Randall Brad Armstrong Brad Armstrong Carmen Hart, Kirsten Price, Barrett Blade Nikki Hunter Nikki Hunter Raven Olivia O’Lovely, Raven Olivia O’Lovely, Raven

AVN reports. AVN’s Photo Gallery. XBiz reports.

Holly tells a story in photos.

A friend calls Monday morning. “Holly Randall never looked so good. You on the other hand, I had to zip my pants up.”

“I need an intellectual girl. Holly Randall’s pretty much my dream girl right now. She’s sober. She’s smart. Her parents are rich.”

Random writes on XPT: “I don’t care about Holly’s looks, or that she dunked Luke, or anything trivial like that. I just want — no need — to know what was going through Luke’s head when he got dressed that morning, looked himself over in the mirror, and then decided that he was comfortable facing the public looking that way.”

Holly Randall posts: “Apparently he’s owned those shorts since high school, and admittedly, I made him pull his socks up. I thought it just added to the whole feeling of the outfit.”

I spend most of my three hours at the party talking to Holly and her webmaster James Willig and reading Mark Bowden’s latest book.

There are few opportunities to interview people. The music’s too loud and I know almost everybody.

Holly Randall posts: “That’s Alejandra, David Stanley’s girlfriend. She’s a sweetheart — a great photographer and stylist. I’m going to hopefully have her style on some of my sets — she already does so for David’s movies.”

I hear that Mallcom-Jerry aka (owner of Torrid and just bought the library to Red Light’s lines “Amateur District & Candy Shop” and hired salesman Mike Barbella to rep them.

From XFanz:

Wicked Pictures will host a special event Sept. 30 to celebrate the release of Coming Home and raise money for several national military charities, including the American Veterans Foundation.

Inside the almost 8,000-square-foot Annex Goathouse in North Hollywood will be a slew of festival games, a caricature artist and music from DJ Eddie Diaz from Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM (106.7).

Joy King, Wicked vice president of special events, told XBIZ there even will be a dunk tank, where for small donations, attendees can purchase tickets and view some of their favorite adult figures — including adult blogger Luke Ford — get soaking wet.

“We’re really trying to create a fun and festive atmosphere that’s a little bit different from the typical porn party,” King said.

Also inside the Annex will be a two-sided rock wall ideal for climbing races, King said, and raffle tickets will be on sale for attendees to vie for several prizes, including a brand new barbecue and an army-themed beach cruiser bicycle.

The event offers an open bar and free food to all, and a souvenir Coming Home cup is available for a small donation to assure attendees never get thirsty. King said there are free regular cups available to those not interested in the souvenir.

“I’m getting really excited about it,” King said. “It’s been a tremendous amount of work. I’m hoping that people will open their wallets and have a good time, and if nothing else, there’s food and drinks and some fun stuff.”

A free gift will be given to anyone who arrives wearing military or camouflage gear, and prizes will be awarded to the most sexy and most authentic themed outfits.


Holly Randall emails me: “Do you know what time you’ll be there?”

4 p.m.

Holly: “Damn I hope I get there on time! Just curious, why are you doing this? Do you really care so much about charity for our troops? Or is it just the delight you seem to garner from in wallowing in your own wretchedness? If you consistently suffer in your life on earth, are you then more likely to reap the rewards in heaven later?”

Brad offered it to me in exchange for getting me into the party. I need the video/pics from the party.

Also, because I care so much about the troops and our industry.

Holly: “So you’ll suffer public humiliation at it’s worst (plus the risk of catching a cold) for photos and video? Are you going to interview everyone sopping wet? I can’t decided if you’re dedicated or you’re crazy. I think it’s the latter.”

Why is it any different than going for a swim?

Holly: “Oh c’mon, even you don’t buy that bullshit.”

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