Can Police Be Pornstars?

There are tons of porn movies that bring to life the fantasy of a hot cop pulling someone over and having them submit to the law of the land in a very unique way. They might sodomize their sub with their police baton or simply strip out of their skimpy cop uniform and teach them a lesson they will never forget. This does bring the question to mind whether or not real cops could star in a porn movie. Apparently the answer to that question is absolutely not when it comes to one guy in Germany who found this lesson out the hard way.

He is a police academy trainee in Berlin and he was just about set to graduate and become a member of the force when it was revealed that he had starred in a porn movie. It was distributed via DVD and therefore a large number of people probably saw it. The police do not think this is a good idea. According to some quotes from officials, they don’t think that any citizens would be able to take a guy like that seriously. Of course I know that seeing someone’s wang doesn’t make them any less of a serious or smart person, but try telling that to a group of guys who haven’t watched as much smut as I have.

In many official positions, the contracts and agreements that employees sign and make are pretty vague, stating that they can’t do anything too naughty, but not saying what naughtiness is. This leaves a big grey area for people to try things if they so desire, but can also be quite confusing to the people who may want to get their freak on but feel a bit scared to do so, should they threaten their positions in life.

While there haven’t been any other news stories about police officers getting caught for doing porn, there are plenty of stories of college professors getting fired from their stations for having done porn in their wild past. Hey, porn is something everyone should try if they feel like it, and it’s actually more shameful to shame these hot sluts later on in life for wanting to have a good shag and make a buck or two when they’re learning about the world. Of course I’m totally biased because I love porn and watch a ton of it, but seriously. Hearing about pornstars having trouble with “reentry” is pretty sad to me because they’re beautiful and smart women who deserve all the best things they want in life.

Overall, we’re all porn fans here. Let’s stop shaming the pornstars and just consider it another job – albeit – a very sexy one!

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