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Can Serial Rapists Such As Wanker Wang (Inkyo Volt Hwang) Be Cured?

Jewel DeNyle posts to ADT: “Chico a convicted rapist shooting porn and being allowed to be around women all day sounds to me like a very bad idea. That’s like letting someone convicted of child porn open up a day care center. How can you even begin to justify letting him continue to direct porn that’s just wishing for something bad to happen to one of the girls in this business??? If you wish that then you are just as guilty as him and have women issues of your own. I know every girl I spoke with about this said no matter what their agent’s and they themselves wouldn’t work for him ever again after knowing this as it freaks them out big time.”

Tricia Devereaux posts: “I was going to post the same type of things that Jewel said about having a convicted rapist around porn girls on a daily basis is a horrible idea. If you have someone convicted of theft on your set and someone’s belongings get stolen, you shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve never been one to believe that rapists can be ‘cured’.”

Mike Quasar posts: “Despite his rape conviction I have no objection to him pursuing a career as a dry cleaner, bio-chemist or vaccuum salesman.”

Slain Wayne posts: “Putting Chico Wang in the same level as the Marquis De Sade is like saying “No cum swallowing allowed” was artistically stolen from Mike John’s “No cum dodging allowed” What original artistic merits did he bring to the adult industry? From what I know of him personally… he takes ideas. I remember when I came up with pornjackass and he called his “Minion” (in front of me) and tried buy the URL before I did. I had to race to the computer to get it.”

Jewel DeNyle posts: “I just think the temptation is to great for someone with his problems to be in porn. I think he needs help and should maybe go into editing or something a little more safe to where he can control himself and not be one on one with any of the girls. Not saying anyone and everyone who’s done a crime shouldn’t be allowed a second chance at life but when you are a sex offender maybe being in porn isn’t the smartest of ideas that could put you right back in the slammer it’s not worth it and everyone gets hurt. There are other areas of the business like being a webmaster, editor etc… that you don’t deal with the talent which could be a safe option and still stay active and make a living.”

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