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Candy Manson- Dating & Shoe Shopping- Exclusive Interview

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Interview by Cindi Loftus

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Blonde Haired, Busty Babe Candy Manson, is what you think of when you imagine a pornstar, but the hardcore scenes she does may surprise you. A quick look around the web gives me her pictures in bondage, fetish, ropes and chains. But then even her name has an ironic twist. In this interview we talk about how Candy is finding her softer side and how dating is not such an easy thing to do when you are an adult performer.


First question you probably get from reporters is how did you pick your name, and I’m going to stay with them on this one because it is an interesting and different choice Miss Candy Manson. Did you pick it because you are a fan of Charlie Manson?

I danced as Candy for many years so that was something I was used too. And then the Manson, I’m a big Marilyn Manson fan, a rocker girl. Candy and Manson together, is because I look like a typical California Barbie doll but I am a hardcore performer. Surprise!

So the good girl and bad girl kind of thing?

Yeah. The camera turns on and I light up and do hardcore performing, bondage, fetish. That isn’t typical.

When I looked you up I found a lot of pictures of you tied up.

Yeah, there are. The usual girls that do that kind of stuff are fair skinned and brunette, pierced and tattoos, they look like they would do bondage…

Alt girls.

And then there is the tan busty blonde doing it and people are like, what? So that is where that all came from. I’m from Chicago. I grew up there. I was a dancer there at Scores. Then I moved out to LA when I started in the adult movie industry. And now I live between Chicago and LA. I go back and forth.

How did you end up doing all these bondage kind of performances?

On the sheet that you mark your Do’s and Don’ts for bondage/fetish I said DO. So I was asked to do them right away. People on set where surprised and saw that I was into it. So I got booked for more. Then I ended up being contracted to one of the bondage companies. So I did a lot of it. I took a break from the industry, two falls ago and I haven’t done too much compared to what I did before.

So what do you do, or don’t do in your movies these days?

I don’t do interracial or double anything, but other than that pretty much whatever.

The industry has lately been a lot about parodies and acting and less about hardcore gonzo. Do you like this trend? Which do you like better?

I don’t get booked for a lot of the parodies. I’ve done movies for the bigger companies when I was new, probably because I had less tattoos and stuff. I shoot for Brazzers  a lot and they do a lot of dialog. It’s a fun, but long day. There are pros & cons. It’s fun because it is a role-play type day. But you’re not in and out. It’s good to mix it up I think.

Brazzers seems like a great company to work for and then you get to fuck Kieran Lee, their contract star.

My nickname for him is Bambi because he is so metro. He’s delicate. I’m more hardcore than he is. He is drinking a little fru-fru drink and I’m drinking jack & rocks when I first met him in London. He is a really good performer though and personality wise we get along.

What is your favorite movie that you have done lately?

When I get asked that I always say the last one I did. My last one is my favorite until I do another one. But one of my favorites ever was a shoot for Kink and it was bondage. It was actually my first DP. It was a gangbang and the set was like a dirty truck stop bathroom. I got tied up, but that wasn’t the fantasy part. It was that there were so many guys focused on me. That was pretty cool. There were five guys.

That is cool. Do you watch your own movies?

I do not.

A lot of people don’t.

I did at first because it was so new and exciting but after you have shot so many movies for so many years, you are like I was there I saw it because I did it. I don’t watch any porn at all. I know everybody. I don’t get excited by it.

So what does turn you on?

Real life. Typical boring things. I like a gentleman. I like guys that smell good, look good. I don’t like cockiness. But I do think that performing has ruined it for me because I have high expectations and guys outside of the industry…

That must be tough on a civilian guy who wants to date you. They think they have to live up to the last couple of porn guys that you had sex with on film.

Well they do. I want them to have a package and know what to do with it.

How hard is it to date when you are a porn star?

I think it is impossible. I don’t date. I haven’t in a couple years now. I get my sex from work and I have my little dog for companionship.

Bebe is adorable. I love your dog’s pictures.

You’ve seen them. Ahhh. She is the love of my life.

I like animals better than people.

I do too!

But you do like Amy Brooke, because you went dress shopping with her.

I do, you saw my twitter. We are roommates when I am in LA. We share a room and a bed.

That could be interesting!

It can be. Funny story, reminded me when you mentioned about watching porn movies. We were both in bed watching one of her movies, having a little party.

Cool, so you have sex at work, but you can also have sex with your roomie since she’s a pornstar too.

Yeah, and we’ve done camming together too. She’s a lot of fun. We are actually going shoe shopping when I am done talking.

I think you might have a shoe fetish because you certainly like to go shoe shopping.

I do. I most definitely do. For platform heels and a foot fetish too.

Is it girl’s feet only or guy’s feet too?

Guys also.

It has to be a special type of guy to have nice feet that he takes care of. Lots of guys have ugly feet.

They do, and that’s a deal breaker. I look at feet, fingernails and teeth. Nothing gnarly. It’s because of the fetish, they don’t have to be in a salon every week but they gotta take care of them.

So shoes and feet turn you on.

I love shoes. If I see some I want I have to have them or I dream about them. Girls in or out of shoes and guys out of them. I have a shoe thing and a feet thing. I like the shoes to be really high.

So you must have a Louboutin collection.

Not a collection, but I am working on it.

They are a little expensive for a collection.


You need a rich boyfriend to have a Louboutin collection.

That’s the idea. That’s what I am working on.

So you are going to Vegas for AVN?

Yep, I’m leaving in a few days. That should be fun. It always is. Just not too much fun. Last year I was back in my room around eleven at night, so I am able to get in the morning.

You are so responsible! I notice that you do a lot of camming. So I would like to know how it works. Say you and Amy are doing a cam show and I want to watch it.

I think you sign up on Streammate. And when you sign on you see who is camming. First up there is a guest chat that’s free and if you want to go into the chat where you see a show, you pay and go in.

And than what do you see in a show?

Any and everything.

Is it like watching a girl/girl scene or a solo scene?


And the people are talking to you and you are talking back.

Right, and they can also turn on their cam and we can do cam to cam. So I can see them. It’s really fun.

It sounds fun. You have some really great fans. I talked to them on twitter. You must get recognized because I have seen pictures of you where you have no makeup on and you don’t look that different with or without.

You don’t think so? Because I don’t get recognized. When I travel, I don’t have makeup on, my hair is in a ponytail, I’m in sweats. Maybe once in a blue moon somebody will say something. But usually nobody says anything.

I’m surprised. Maybe it’s because you look like you don’t want to be bothered.

Maybe, I wear a wedding band set and everything. I don’t mind saying hi, but I don’t want to get hit on.

That has to be hard, because anywhere you go, because you are so beautiful you are going to be hit on whether they recognize you or not.

Thank you for saying that. It happens. But that is why I wear the wedding ring. It helps, but it doesn’t always work.

Well now we have given away your secret!


So you spent New Years in Chicago. It must have been freakin COLD!

It wasn’t too bad. I was kind of bummed actually. I was there from Thanksgiving through the New Year staying with my Mom and seeing the whole family. Since I grew up there I like to feel the seasons and have a white Christmas and all that. Since I got there it hardly snowed. It snowed a couple times for a little while and within a couple hours it was gone.

This story is going to be for the February 1st Xcitement with you on the cover, so I want to say Happy Valentines Day! Do you think you will be doing anything special for Valentines Day? I’m sure there will be a million guys that would like to spend it with you. Are you going to find a guy to do something with? Or do you have other plans?

I’d like the guy to find me. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!  I don’t know what I am doing. But ideally I will spend it with my Mom and Bebe. Those are my Valentines.

Ahh, so sweet. Well they are your favorite people.

They are my two favorite people in the whole world.

You are so level headed and mature for your age. Twenty-five right?

I’m twenty-eight.

You will be a good wife and mom someday. You are in training with Bebe.

Yes I do want that.

Wanna talk about sex?

Yeah, let’s get to the good stuff.

What’s the craziest place you have ever had sex?

Wow. I don’t know what I consider crazy anymore. Like Dungeons, in a movie theater.

Those are crazy! Adult stars often have fantasy of sex that are mundane, because of all the crazy stuff they usually do.

Yeah. Like, can I get a bed for a change? There’s my fantasy.

Yep, sex in bed with a fireplace and a bottle of wine.

There you go. I would be happy with that. Another crazy place was a tennis court.

That doesn’t sound very comfortable.

It’s not and it was very hot outside and I got sun burned.

I bet, and not in good places.

Yes, I did as a matter of fact.

If you could do any scene with anyone, what would you pick?

Hmm. You are opening all kinds of cans of worms here you know.

(Laughs) Who haven’t you had sex with in the industry?

I don’t know if there is anybody.


I would really like to work with Gina Lynn. That would be a good match up.

You and Gina Lynn where?

I just see somewhere with lots of bubbles floating around.

Something comfy with big all different colored pillows.

Yeah, something glammy. I know that sounds boring, but when you have done everything else, that is where you start going with things.

Porn is going the same direction, from how extreme can you be, to all these romantic porns.

Yep, because all that has been done so you retract. You would think you would start off with the soft but it goes opposite.

I think that gets more women viewers in with the softer stuff.

True. I haven’t done a lot of pretty girl/girl, so I’d like to do that kind of more.

One of your fans told me to ask you why you prefer rough sex.

And I don’t. I think earlier on maybe I did, but I am over it. I don’t want to be beat on. A little kink is fine, but I don’t want to be slapped in the face, don’t pull my hair, because you’ll mess up my weave. I want to do things that feel good, not hurt me. I would really prefer to do romantic in a sexy way. I’d like to stick around a couple more years.

I think you have quite a few years left in you. Look at Julia Ann for example. I don’t know how old she is, but she has been in porn for lots of years and she looks amazing and she is a class act. What do you want to do when you stop doing porn?

I want to be around for a couple more years. But when I move on to the next chapter I have other ambitions. I want to be a hair and makeup artist. I’ve always loved doing it. I do my own now. I do my friends. I want to have a salon eventually one day, but I also want to freelance.

Do you want to do it for porn sets?

Sure, but also for outside too.

Mainstream sets?

Not just sets necessarily, but rich housewives who get their hair and makeup done everyday.

People do that, pay to have their hair and makeup done everyday, like Paris Hilton.

Sure there is a lot of potential work out there. I like love giving people makeovers. You can see how fabulous they feel about themselves afterward. So that’s my next career.

Do you have a website?

I am signed on with Premium Cash right now and it will be one of the next websites to go up. But we don’t know the name of it yet. I will be posting about it on twitter as soon as I know. So people can look for me there.

Do you have a message for your fans?

I love you all. Thank you for your love and support. I try to get back to everyone on twitter. Please be patient with me. Thank you!

Thank you, for doing this wonderful interview and I hope you find amazing shoes this afternoon!

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