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Capri Anderson Interview- Exclusive- What She Really Thinks of Charlie…

Interview by Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Vivid
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Capri Anderson’s name hit the headlines when she spent some time with Charlie Sheen in his hotel room. According to a Vivid press release “Capri gained international fame when she spent one notorious night with Charlie Sheen at the Plaza Hotel in NYC last November.  She was Sheen’s dinner date, but as the night progressed she wound up locking herself in his hotel bathroom for protection as she awaited the arrival of police. She later made international headlines when she told the media about her scary experience.” Capri’s name has been in lights ever since that night. As the newest Vivid Girl, she just debuted her movie “My Little Black Book.

Xcitement: Hi Capri, what are you doing?
Capri: I just bought a puppy!
X: What kind is she?
C: She’s just like Lady & The Tramp. She’s the light brown silky one.
X: What are you going to name her, do you know?
C: I was thinking of Delilah, but I’m not sure yet. Maybe I should pick something more animal like.
X: Well that’s a pretty name. So is Capri. How did you pick that?
C: It’s not exciting really, but it was off of Capri Sun juice package. I just liked the way it sounded.
X: That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it too, was the juice.
C: You are the first one, most people think the island of Capri. Nope I’ve never been there.

X: I looked back at your early sex scenes and I saw one for Reality Kings where they had you slide your ID in the machine and it read “18”
C: I think that was a real legitimate ID scanner. Some bouncers at clubs carry those around.

X: You looked really young in that. Do you remember it?
C: It was a long time ago.
X: You did stuff for Brazzers too.
C: I’ve shot a ton for Brazzers. I’ve done dialog. I’ve even done a lot of extra work for them and I’ve shot a lot of scenes for them as well. 
X: And now you are famous.
C: Sort of. Infamous.
X: So you did scenes for Brazzers and Reality Kings…
C: And tons of others. I’ve been shooting since I was eighteen.

X: Let me jump right in, How sick are you of hearing the name Charlie Sheen?
C: Way sick as a matter of fact. I was in a food court today and there was Charlie’s kabobs and Charlie’s subs. There were two different places in the same food court. I never would have noticed that before.
X: So that name is ruined for you.
C: It is ruined for me. I hate the name Charlie. And I just bought a King Charles Cavalier dog. Damn it!
X: (laughs) What were you thinking! Anyway you went from being a porn performer to being on every tabloid co
C: It was shocking.
X: I can’t imagine to going from relatively unknown, to well-known overnight. And people staring and whispering, isn’t that the girl from Charlie’s Hotel room?
C: I have a big problem with that, but I have slowly tried to get over it that when anyone looks at me that that is what it’s about. I am trying push myself past that. I think it’s in my head more than anything else. If I step out with no makeup a lot of times nobody notices me.
X: Soon, they will recognize you as the new Vivid girl. So this Charlie stuff will take a back burner eventually. But it did launch you to have your face everywhere. So I guess it had it’s good and it’s bad. But that’s my perception. It may not be yours.
C: That’s what a lot of people think, a lot of people said that to me, but they didn’t realize how this affected my personal life and my family. How horribly embarrassing it was for them and all the people that didn’t know about me being in the adult industry found out due to that. As much as you’d like to have faith in people, people change the way they feel about you almost instantaniously and it’s like they never even knew you and people just drop off the face of the mountain and it’s really hurtful and really hard.
X: I’m really sorry about that.

C: At the same time, I’m not focusing on those things so much anymore. . I’m getting into my work with Vivid.
X: Vivid is a wonderful company, and I know that you have shot your first movie “My Little Black Book.
C: That was my first DVD.
X: How did you like working with Bisco (B. Skow) ?

C: I love Bisco and David Stanley who directed it. I was probably a pain in the ass though. I think we did a pretty good job. I was happy with it.
X: I think it was very cute how you can make your wishes come true. I’d like to have that capability! What wishes didn’t you make in the movie that you’d like to come true?
C: A million dollars, a winning lottery ticket.
X: Good choices! You are doing boy/girl now right?
C: I am doing boy/girl now.
X: Tell me all about Little Black Book.
C: I’m obsessed throughout the movie with this one guy, who has a girlfriend and is unavailable. So I am doing his laundry and sniffing his clothes. I do end up getting him in the end. It was all good. I had a scene with Dane . I’ve known Dane for years and he’s always been a close friend, so it was a little bit awkward. It was great to work with him after all these years. It was really fun.

X: So are you living in LA now, or are you still living in NY?
C: I’m in the process of moving out of my NY apartment and I have an apartment in LA. I used to live here and I’m happy to move back. The weather is a lot nicer here.
X: How do you like the acting part of movies?
C: That is my favorite part. Sometimes it’s very silly, like for My Little Black Book in particular, I had to picture what I was imagining in front of me, over and over and over again. So that was good for a laugh.
X: Vivid is so good at the superhero movies, which I love.
C: I am actually Mary Jane in Spiderman.
X: What?
C: Yeah, I played Mary Jane and that was pretty exciting.
X: When is that coming out?
C: That is Axel Braun directing, but I don’t know the actual release date.
X: I bet you had a lot of fun with that.
C: We had a lot of fun with that. We did it on green screen and we did fight scenes and that was pretty cool. I’ve also worked on another movie for Bisco, The Runaways, so now I have three Vivid movies, but 2 are still in production. We really poured our hearts and soul into Runaways.

X: I saw that you and Sunny Leone hosted a party together.
C: We did, for the Kentucky Derby.
X: Who won?
Animal Kingdom. And the jockey is actually related to my Mom’s best friend. Which is pretty random.
X: Small world.
C: It was pretty exciting. I love horses so…but we didn’t get to go to the actual Derby, we hosted the party. It was very eventful around town with the people, the parties, the hats. I would have loved to have actually gone to the race though.
X: Me too. You’re a Vivid girl, you can get into those things now. I saw some pictures on your twitter of you and Gracie Glam, I did a cover story on her recently.
C: I met Gracie at Miami Exxxotica, she was signing at the booth next to mine. We hung out. I got to know her a little bit better and I was really thankful for that opportunity, because I am racking up all the new friends I can get.

X: What do you think of them trying to make condoms mandatory in Los Angeles?
C: I think it should be up to the discretion of the individual performer. I’m all for safe sex. As for the viewer’s pleasure, that may not be so appealing.
X: What is the best sex you ever had?
C: There have been a few epic moments. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. So I am not going to say. I’m going to leave it up to everybody who thinks that they were that person to keep on dreamin’!
X: If you had sex with me, you were the best! That’s pretty smart of you to answer that way. Who is the most famous person you ever met?
C: It would actually be that one person. I can’t say his name out loud because I am in a public place.
X: That CS initialed person.
C: Yes. I always flip out when any of my friends say his name

X: Which celebrity would you most like to have sex with? And I know that answer is NOT the CS person.
C: It’s not the same person. Eric Bana who was in the movie with Adam Sandler, Funny People. He played Clark, the Australian husband of the girl who Adam was in love with.
X: Maybe if he heard about this interview…
C: I heard he was happily married. But just in case throw it out there!
X: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
C: I’d like to do it on a swing. You know that feeling that you have when you are swinging in the air? I haven’t done that yet.
X: So tell me about the best blow job you ever gave.
C: I think that they were all great. The best one was last night, because the most recent is always the best. Your skills only improve.
X: And you gave a blow job last night, all the guys reading this are thinking I wish that was me.
C: Except for the guy who it was, he says that WAS me. I wonder how many guys are going to say that it was them though.
X: Lotsa liars out there. (Laughs) Not to totally change the subject, but I see that you love shoes, because you have pictures of porn stars and shoes on your twitter.
C: Yes (laughs)
X: So if anyone wants to buy you a present, expensive shoes would be it.
C: Yes, I also think that’s a very cute present from a guy and so thoughtful. I think shoes are very sexy and they make a big difference in your whole outfit.
X: Do you have any fetishes? A lot of guys who have a foots/shoe fetish are going to love that you love shoes.
C: I don’t know if I have any.
X: So are you one of those try anything once girls?
C: I love role-playing. I will try most things once, yes. My lover said more than once.
X: That’s nice and I bet he is the guy who got the blowjob last night.
C: He is the guy who got the blow job.

X: Anal sex, what do you think?
C: I love it, but it’s intimidating, especially if the guy is too big.
X: Have you done an anal scene for Vivid yet, that I didn’t hear about?
C: No. I’ve only done anal on camera very minimally. I think it was for Brazzers and it was a finger thing. But yes in my private life.
X: Are you going to do it for Vivid?
C: I don’t know yet. It will be a nice surprise if I do though, right?
X: Yeah, it will be. That’s one of the questions I got from your fans when I asked them what they wanted me to ask you. I have a list of them…
C: Oh my god..
X: But I told them, I don’t know if I can ask her that one because she might hang up on me. I hope she has a good sense of humor.
C: No, totally, I do.
X: That’s why I put the fans questions at the end, in case the interview becomes over very quickly.

C: This is totally random, but you know Gray’s Papaya King, the hot dog place in NYC? It is the best place ever. They make fresh juices too. There is a sign here in LA for a Papaya King, WOO!

X: I thought you were going to tell me that they sold Capri Sun.
C: (Laughs) I love the pineapple juice at Papaya King.
X: You should tell them how well you spoke about them in this interview and ask them to name something after you.
C: Or it could be free Gray’s Papaya for life.
X: That would be good. I bet they give celebrity’s cards like that.
C: Then I would take everybody out to dinner. I would take them all to Papaya King.
X: Hotdogs are popular in LA, in more ways than one! So here are the fan questions. Did you find Charlie Sheen attractive?
C: Before this incident, yeah, to an extent.
X: What do you think of Bree Olson?
C: I don’t know her personally. She was with Charlie, but now she’s not. She seems like a very cool pretty girl except for that one hook-up.
X: What do you think of Kacey Jordan?
C: I call her Racey Whoredan. I think she’s disgusting.
X: Her tweets are scary. She talks about killing herself. She says she drinks alcohol for breakfast.
C: I think that’s all a crock of shit. I think she is sitting in her room, totally fucked up thinking what can I do to get attention today.
X: I agree with the attention thing. She seems desperate for it.
C: She went on Howard Stern and talked about her STD’s and abortions and how she blew her dentist to get her dentures. Who does that?
X: It’s unbelievable.
C: I was so disgusted that I went on Howard Stern for what was supposed to be a beauty pageant and they chose her as the winner? They just felt sorry for her.

X: That doesn’t sound like a good time. What is your type of guy or girl?
C: I’m 110% chemistry and then eyes. It’s not so much the type of guy.
X: People do get more or less attractive as you get to know them don’t they?
C: Absolutely. I find my entire perception on the physical side will change after getting to know somebody.
X: Another fan question, are you swearing off assholes for good?
C: I am swearing off assholes for life!
X: And this fan said also tell her I think she is cute.

C: Thank you!
X: They are very funny aren’t they? Okay, this is the one that I thought I would get in trouble for. Where is the watch?
C: Lodged in my anal cavity still. No just kidding. Where the fuck do you think the watch is? Why don’t you ask the cops that were reporting that night, if they ever heard a thing about a watch that night. I don’t think they did. Because I didn’t.
X: It was all a bunch of crap?
C: It was damage control. Which I would have totally eaten up if I was on the audience side. I used to watch reality television all the time and speculate. It’s amazing how much you learn when you are on the other side and you see how it all works with media, and managers and publicists. It’s amazing all the bullshit they pull out of their ass when somebody gets in trouble.
X: I wonder if they will show My Little Black Book at the Plaza Hotel on pay per view. Wouldn’t that be kind of ironic?
C: It would be. That is so funny.

X: What do you want us to know about you? There is a lot out there that isn’t true. Do you want to tell us about you?
C: I am a very good-hearted person and I would never steal anything from anybody. I am more likely to be the one buying people very expensive watches than I would be to take one.
X: That’s a great answer. Tell me about your official website.
C: It is in the works, so I don’t have any details on it yet. But I am looking forward to it and it will be coming out this year.
X: This is going to be out on July 1st. Do you have any plans yet for July 4th?
C: I love the 4th of July. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I grew up in Miami where it is very hot in summertime. In Miami everyone sets off their own fire works so they are everywhere. There is no where you can go and not see them. The sky is lite up completely for one night. And you spend it with family, and I have a huge family, so it is one of the times we all get together.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
C: I love you all! Thank you very much.

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