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Carmella Bing Interview

She calls me back Tuesday afternoon.

Carmella: “I’m in the North Carolina airport now.”

Luke: “What have you been doing?”

Carmella: “Just doing my thing [in Las Vegas]. Seven months of the year I make bank out there. I just so happened to get a house four months too early. I just got a six bedroom house [in Vegas]. And I live by myself. And I love it.”

Luke: “So what brought you back into the industry?”

Carmella: “Derek ( called me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to go to England. It was an absolute blast. We went to London. We did some shoots out there. I made quite a bit of money. I went shopping and like brought back the whole world.”

“I shot for Skeeter Kerkove when I got back. It was my first scene. I was crazy. It was supposed to be A which turned into DP which turned into AA. I was laying on the floor singing ‘Ring of Fire.’ It was great.”

Luke: “Did you get hurt?”

Carmella: “Huh?”

Luke: “Injured?”

Carmella: “No, well, yeah, kinda, but I’m over it. It was hardcore.”

“I’m going to keep my house in Vegas. I’m going to start looking for a condo [in Los Angeles]. I’ve got a really nice house in Vegas. If I were to get a house like that in L.A., I’d be paying triple what it’s worth.”

“It’s like my little fort. If I want to run away and feel really secure…and beat the stress.”

“I was with Mike from Icey Porn. We got a private plane and flew to Florida last night. We did a scene on the plane. A first for me.”

Luke: “How would you describe your relationship with Derek?”

Carmella laughs. “It’s very interesting. Before we really were at each other’s neck. We’re both stubborn. He’s good to work with. He knows his s— and he does everything right. But we hate each other. I’m not going to lie. He probably took things better than I did [when they split a year ago]. This time around, it’s different.”

Luke: “What do you love and hate about your life now?”

Carmella: “I hate that I jumped into this house way too early. I probably could’ve found a better place for less. Maybe had two places. I don’t have enough time. There’s only 24 hours in a day and I wish there were about 38.

“I love being with LA Direct again. I’m getting a lot of good shoots. Derek is getting me good things, not cheapy web content crap.”

“I like going to Derek’s house and being with the girls.”

“Derek’s shown me a softer side. He’s not cold-hearted like I used to think. He’s very respectful. We go out a lot. I guess you could say we’re dating.

“I don’t regret anything. He does everything for a reason. He likes to date girls he’s had past issues with. It’s a good challenge. His whole thing with me, he was asking me why. I don’t like sucking face and being all cuddly. It makes me sick. I do that on my own terms. I just like the distance. I like things to be professional. I like space. Challenge.”

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