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Carmella Bing Retires

Carmella Bing, who dated Derek Hay (aka Ben English) and was part of the LA Direct Models roster, posted this blog entry on her Myspace profile:

Its been a long few years in my porn career. Ive had my ups and downs litterally. I was with LA Direct from the start, I shot anal my first day -shit, I had 3 DPs my first week! Like a lot of the new girls, I stayed at Dereks house. I made a few good friends, Ive lost a couple of my old friends, My best friend is all I got left. To my BFF Brianna, You fucking rock!!!

Im looking to further my career, but 20k a month isnt going to cut it for me. I am planning my website, as well as directing and producing my own sex toys! I have yet a lot of work to do to get my Dynasty off the ground. As some may know and others have inquired – Yes, I dated Derek. Not a mistake, but definately a learning experience. I always knew Id be one of his ex-girlfriends, not that I wanted to be but it was to say the least a slow moving relationship. I was always treated with the upmost respect, we had a great time together. But everything good has to come to an end. It was a mutual decision to split, he was very polite and invited me to stay, but the energy was weird. I just couldnt watch life go on, I left to move in with Brianna.

We are the best of friends, lesbians…. ya know so on and so fourth, but we cant look at each other while we are having sex! Funny, that.
Ive enjoyed featuring recently on the eastcoast thanks to LEE Network. I thank UltimateFantasyGirls for the contracted shoots! Thanxxx to Brazzers for putting me on top! Thank you Kevin aka “Up in ya” for hanging in there, shits been hard and I appriciate you for sticking by me, no matter how much of a bitch I am at times I still love ya! To Brian, for taking such good care of my Baby Doji Bear. Ive been a bit caught up, to seriously Thank You for all you’ve done. You’ve got a friend for life. To my little sister Michelle for all the shit weve been through, I love you so much! I just hope you dont do anything I did! My Real Estate agent John Warner, rest in peace. Im sorry I didnt get my house note in on time because I didnt get to say goodbye. I left some flowers on your desk…

Overall, I dont have anything bad to say about Direct… I just need a new start… Im making some life adjustments, and I think this was a good step for me, quite a slap in the face, but I was long over due for a reality check. Im a better hooker than an actress (mind you I use that word loosely only because I am mature enough to accept it, dont abuse it… thx). In porn my base rate is $1500, Vegas I make $1500 per hour. Porn costs money, taxes, comission, not to mention std’s time off work, medication, more money lost travel costs, wardrobe… etc. Vegas/escorting is cash, 100% cash to me its mine, I pay for advertising and a phone bill. Everything is fucking paid right off the top. Why whould I stick around, never really come up, and practically pay to do porn? I mean why the fuck did I get into porn anyway? To FUCK and be PAID, now that is the question is it possible to intertwine the two? What the fuck?

Thus, I am in Vegas…. Hint…. Hint……


I believe the Brianna she refers to is Brianna Love.

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