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Carmen Luvana

The Adam & Eve contract star emails:


Someone just happened to send this link my way for me to read.
I think its funny that u mention that “porn stars” are sensitive about animals, realistically its not just porn stars, it is must people in any kind of profession that simply have a heart and care about animals and yes most of the people have kids, does that mean they shouldn’t care about the animals…..what a joke.

And also what does not having kids have to do with caring and taking about a situation of interest? So i don’t have kids, maybe i did not want to be like everybody else and have kids not only when i was 17 but also i don’t believe in having a kid while i am in this business, “i think that is having a little bit of a brain and common scence.”

i also love to see guys like BigDickdaddy talking and trashing porn stars, why the fuck are you watching us and so in to posting in adult related topics? Dude get a fucking life u must be a lonely guy.

Now go ahead and keep on posting what ever the hell you guys want, because really i can care less what some idiot that i don’t know has to say about me, i just really had to respond to this because i tough it was funny to see how just because i am a porn star and don’t have kids i am over sensitive and should not speak my mind.

What a joke people are, wonder why most people care more about animals. maybe if they where not so many dumb people in this world it would be different.

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