Carnal Media’s Legrand Wolf and Serg Shepard find out they’re father-son in Gaycest’s “Reunion” @RealCarnalPlus and @CarnalMedia

Gay adult performer Serg Sheppard is gay studio executive Legrand Wolf’s son!

25 years ago, Legrand Wolf fathered a child on his Mormon mission in Ukraine. “Serg Sheppard is what is known as a mission baby,” according to Carnal Media’s head admin Danny Gregory-OShea. That’s when a Mormon missionary has unsanctioned sex, resulting in pregnancy.

6 years after launching his infamous dad son incest site (now rebranded as, Legrand and Serg present their shocking story in the scene, “Reunion,” on Serg Shepard, playing himself, comes face-to-face with a shocking fact… his father is Dr. Legrand Wolf!

As a father who never knew he had a son, Legrand had the surprise of a lifetime. A casual Kyiv hookup between his brother, played by Cain Marko (Bearded daddy top of FunSizeBoys, TwinkTop fame), and a mysterious Ukrainian boy unravels a jaw-dropping secret. Hidden in Serg’s phone is a photo Serg’s mother had of Serg’s father–a picture of a very young Legrand Wolf from decades ago. Showing the picture of Legrand to Legrand’s brother ignited a firestorm of complicated questions.

As Legrand and Serg meet in NYC airport, they’re swept into the whirlwind of emotions sparked by their newfound connection, igniting a powerful blend of love, and then unexpectedly of lust, that neither of them are prepared for. is an adult website depicting relationships between voluntary participants in taboo dad-son play. “Reunion” is the most recent chapter in Gaycest’s “The Ties That Bind” series, which follows Serg Shepard, his father Legrand Wolf, and his uncle Cain Marko—and the complicated familial and sexual dynamics that bind them.

Carnal Media CEO and lead star Legrand Wolf commented, “ indulges in taboo relationship fantasies. That’s not new to porn—the very idea of ‘taboo’ is what makes porn come alive—but series like ’The Ties That Bind’ are so successful because at the heart of its storylines are themes of both deep emotional and physical connections. I’ve worked with Serg before in BoyForSale’s ‘The Auction.’ We signed him quickly for that because he’s such a perfect fit for us, and a dream to work with. After you see ‘Reunion,’ I think you’ll agree.”

CarnalMedia has had an incredible year with its new exclusive signings. Serg Shepard, Milo Miles (who stars opposite of Cain Marko in FunSizeBoys) have become some of it’s hottest twink stars across its many popular brands, which includes Gaycest, FunSizeBoys, TwinkTop, MasonicBoys, and more.

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