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Carol Burnett Loses Family Guy Lawsuit


Burnett’s rage started when Family Guy aired an episode entitled “Peterotica” on April 23, 2006, which featured a parody of Carol Brunnett. Nearly a year later, Burnette filed a lawsuit that recounted, “The Peterotica episode of Family Guy shows Peter entering a porn shop with several other characters, including a character named Quagmire. As they enter the porn shop, Peter comments that he expected the porn shop to be dirty. Quagmire responds that the porn shop is clean because ‘Carol Burnett works part-time as a janitor,”’ The camera then shifts to show Ms. Burnett’s ‘Charwoman’ character complete with trademarked blue bonnet, bucket and mop, mopping the floor of the porn shop in front of a row of blow-up dolls while a slightly altered version of ‘Carol’s Theme’ is playing. One of the other characters then says, ‘You know when she tugged her ear at the end of that show, she was really saying goodnight to her mom.’ Quagmire then makes a vulgar reference to Ms. Burnett and her father, responding, “I wonder what she tugged to say goodnight to her dad.”’

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