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Carradine Killed by a Secret Society ?

Photographer: Jano Rohleder

Carradine’s family has asked for the FBI’s help in the investigation of his death which they believe cannot possibly have been a suicide. As more and more news leaks out we find out that besides a rope around Carradine’s neck and genitals, there was also rope around he wrists, and that his hands were tied over his head to the clothes hanging bar.

How does someone tie their own hands over their head? Doesn’t sound easy to me but experts on the “death by auto-asphyxiation” theory have explained how it could have all been done by Carradine himself. So that would make it an accidental death. Meaning he intended to have a really nice jerk-off session with some strangulation on the side, but accidently the strangulation was a bit too well done and he died.

There is also the claim that Carradine was a victim of foul play. Although Bangkok officials say that surveillance footage at the hotel show no one entering or leaving Carradine’s  hotel room but him, conspiracy theories continue to leak.

Even on Larry King’s Show murder was mentioned. The newest idea floating around was that Carradine’s suspicious death is linked to a secret society of assassins who didn’t like his investigation into the martial arts underground groups and this was a way to keep him quiet.

As I mentioned in a previous article Carradine’s fourth wife had “abhorrent and deviant sexual behavior” in their divorce papers.

Now TMZ is reporting that Carradine’s third wife told them “David was pretty strange. He would like to get tied up … he could tie himself up … he spent days planning a different feature. He would go to a hardware store and buy the stuff.” She told the site, however, that while Carradine enjoyed bondage, it was “never sexual.”

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