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CA’s Summer Of Love

On January 29, I broke the news that the marriage of Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was kaput.

On February 1, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom revealed he had been having an affair with the wife of his campaign manager.

In June, it came out that Villaraigosa had been having an affair for at least 18 months with Telemundo TV news reporter/anchor Mirthala Salinas who’d previously had affairs with California Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez and California senator Alex Padilla (in addition to other men in power, including L.A.’s most popular morning DJ El Piolin aka Eduardo Sotelo).

What has my background in porn contributed to my political reporting? Porn reveals what men think about most of the time. Politicians screw around because they can. Most men don’t screw around because they don’t have access to hot sexually-available chicks.

When armies conquer a country, they rape en masse. Because they can.

I remember visiting the state legislature a couple of times with the Free Speech Coalition. The typical secretary there was far hotter than the typical porn chick. Only a saint could say no to such young willing things.

Jim Jones emails:

Do you do this on purpose? Your pose as a muck-raking reporter would be more believable if you learned to spell the spell the names of your subjects correctly. It can’t be that difficult to verify a politician’s name. Your repeated misspelling of Gavin Newsom’s name [Luke: I corrected it after this email] is but one example. You’ve spelled it as “Newsome” time and again…and then you link to another site where it’s spelled correctly. Are you retarded? Oh, wait. Yes, you are. 

And I see you’re still playing the plagiarist game on your other site: “lollipops and blowjobs?” The original phrase is “sunshine, lollipops and blowjobs” and it’s a play on the title of a Leslie Gore song from the ’60s. It was coined in Hustler magazine some years ago. Just thought you should know before one of those guys clocks you in a parking lot the next time he sees you.

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