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Casey Kisses Appears on Kink’s TS Seduction with Tony Orlando

Award-winning performer Casey Kisses is a commanding and sexy presence in latex in her latest scene with Tony Orlando on Kink’s TS Seduction.

“Working with Kink is always an exciting experience,” said Casey Kisses. “This was my first scene working with Tony Orlando and he was such a pleasure to work with. His willingness made my job so much easier and that much more fun. He was playing the role of the typical arrogant prick, who was on the phone telling his friends about how his dick drives all the girls crazy. He was brought back to reality with a hard smack to his face. He was underneath me obeying my every command, knowing there would a strict consequence if he even so much as stuttered.”

In their latest scene on, Kisses is the perfect latex queen to put an arrogant Orlando in place. She reminds him that HER pleasure is all that matters.

“I bent him over and started fucking him hard, leaning into his ear whispering, ‘doesnt this cock drive you crazy?’” she continued. “The sex was so hot and I had so much fun with my dialogue, I’ve just been thinking of ways to impress my fans over at Kink the next time they have me over.”

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