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Casey Parker – The Girl Next Door?

Penny Flame posts:

Penny Flame posts: A Rumor worth looking into….(I already did, and that’s the only reason I want to share)

Over the past couple of days, little birds have been chirping ever so quietly into my ear that the one and only girl next door Casey Parker is not actually the “girl next door” that Shanes World has made her out to be… fact, it turns out that she is from Panama and is in fact a product of “armed forces” parents.

The whole colorado deal? (which by the way is actually where I was born….) A big fat lie. The whole image of the young college girl who got broken in by SW? Another big fat lie. In fact, everything that has been advertised about her is simply a marketing ploy in attempt to create the ideal young sex loving whore from your typical wannabe Chatsworthian slut. What a shame huh? I was actually pretty stoked at the thought that out there, somewhere in college land, there was a girl next door type who really liked to get fucked, and wanted to do it so much that she wrote into a company begging them for a job as a pornstar. Nope……disappointing. Incredibly disappointing. So this whole revelation begs the question….

Does she believe the lie? Now that she has been living it, getting paid for it, and convincing her fans of it, does she actually believe the reality that Shanes World created for her? And an even bigger question…..What the fuck would her fans think of her if they found out that she has been lying to them the whole time. That the entire reason they (the fans) were originally attracted to her was a contrived plot formulated merely to trick and fool the poor innocent porn viewer into a false love/lust?
Man. I would probably shoot myself in the head if I had to lie to people to make them like me…..but that is the difference I suppose.

I have far to much pride in who I really am to fake it to make it. And besides that, I don’t have the short term memory to maintain and remember lies. To be dishonest makes me hurt inside….but that’s neither here nor there. There are millions of porn girls who fill her shoes perfectly, tons of ladies who are in the process of attending school, living next door to folks, and leading incredibly regular lives except for the fact that they happen to fuck and get fucked like the pornstars they really are! Why not find a real girl? Why be so lazy and lie to all your fans?

The craziest part? You guys all remember back in, (god when the fuck was it….I know I blogged about it…) well, hmmmm…..I will have to look back and update this last part I know it was before jan 7th, but do you remember when I was all pissed off about my “x” (and no not Mr. Romance) taking Casey to a party? Well, after that all went down, the owner of Shanes World actually told me that this was her vindictive, petty, and intentional (but because of my apathy; useless) effort to hurt me, and ruin my relationship with mr. “x”.

Too bad that I’m not some silly bitch, and I knew the relationship Mr. “x” and I had was more mellow and real than something she could ruin by tricking him into taking her to a party….(I even got the full story on how that happened from multiple friends!)

Anyway, I never liked her, never claimed I did, (and had to put on a shiney face because the contract called for it), but at least I respected her for being a real horny slut fresh outta college. Now there isn’t even that. She’s just a hack.

Shanes World should consider themselves lucky that they still have Jack Venice‚Ķ.I know that motherfucker inside and out, and he is as reality porn as it gets. The guy actually finds real girls…

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