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Cassandra Calogera- Eating Disorder & Drugs, sigh

Cassandra Calogera seems to be struggling. First (may 10th) I read her blog talking about depression and an eating disorder. Then (May 12th) I read about her problem with drugs she took. She’s only 22, a cute girl, new to porn. Can somebody grab her and take her by the hand? Let’s not let her go down that typical path. We’ve got all the signs early enough to see she needs some help. Cass? You listening?

picture she took of herself on May 10th

May 10th, 2009 from her blog

feeling down..
i write a lot of poetry when i get depressed….i am struggling alot right now with some issues…just wanted to share my work with you guys

its regarding an 8 year struggle with an eating disorder

its funny…its frustrating…its frightening…..its lonely….its all too ironic.

when you spend years with secrets, hiding who you are, denying the confrontations, refusing the help, ignoring the people who cared, putting a smile on for everyone except yourself.

there comes a time when you can’t hold it inside anymore. the fear, the anger, the helplessness that you feel has got to escape…it’s spilling out into your blood, its all you think about….you will be consumed.

but now there is no one there to hear you…no one left to listen, no one there to hold your hand. your in too deep. you spill your guts out, wishing, praying that someone will look into your eyes and give you the hope that you so desperately need. but it doesn’t come…

its when you want to change, when you want to get better, that you are left to fend for yourself. i’m just hoping…praying, that somewhere inside of me is the strength to fight a war. its a fight to the death…and knowing eyes watch me die inside everyday, if they only knew how much i needed them to care, maybe then i wouldn’t be counting the days till my defeat.

(Having read more about her, I believe she is struggling with over eating and weight gain, and is trying to lose weight)


FROM TWITTER May 12, 2009  Account of Casscalogeraxxx

thinks i have done my last drug for life…. glad to be alive today. fuck wasting your life in a daze

now it is…had a scary situation last night but looks like i will be fine

thank you i need all the prayers i can get

thought i had figured it out a few years ago, but hollywood can put u back in the drug scene

depends on what drug ur talking about. for me i need to just stop using everything. just a personal choice

still feeling like shit…heart palpitations are still here but i feel like they are slowly getting better as i hydrate. drugs are scary

nah, got bad e pills. mixed with meth i think…didnt have the best reaction to it


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