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CASTING CALL- Will Ryder’s Wiz of Oz

NL- I’m guessing the face above will be played by James Bartholet? I want to know who are going to play the munchkins. I’d like to be in THIS movie, non sex role of course, don’t want to scare the audience AWAY, lol

(Hollywood, CA ) X-Play’s 3D mega parody production of The Wizard of Oz XXX is entering the casting period and all interested actors and agents should contact producer Jeff Mullen [email protected] and send a photo or photo link and the name of the role they are interested in playing.

Numerous parts will be available in what will be a rousing pornographic adaptation of the classic 1939 MGM movie that starred Judy Garland as Dorothy.  The porn musical is being directed by Will Ryder and production will take place this summer.  All roles are open.

“If you can sing that is a plus but that doesn’t exclude you from winning a part so send a photo,” stated Mullen.

“And I say this directly to the new girls; we will be looking at many unknown girls so don’t be shy to try just because you haven’t been in a big movie before,” Mullen continues. 

“Stars are great and we will have them but we will also uncover some diamonds in the rough and help them become an overnight sensation in what I promise will be the most perverted adult movie of all time.”

Producers are looking to cast Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Wizard, Glinda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the East, the Flying Monkeys, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, and numerous munchkins plus some horny high school dropout type girls Dorothy meets hooking on the yellow brick road.

X-Play recently wrapped principle production of Animal House XXX their fall blockbuster co-production with Adam & Eve Pictures which is Ryder’s follow-up to Not the Three Stooges XXX which is being distributed by Pulse.   

Actors interested in a movie role in The Wizard of Oz XXX should send photos or a photo link ASAP to Jeff Mullen [email protected]

Disclaimer: This movie is not affiliated with MGM or anybody that helped create that wonderful feel-good movie plus if you appear in this parody there is a better than fifty percent chance you might end up in hell.

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