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Casual dating: a local affair?

Casual dating can be great fun. The lack of commitment and focus on just having a good time is a big factor that many people find so appealing and in turn see them opt for this sort of lifestyle. Even better is the option to do all this in your local area. While it does offer a certain number of perks, there are a few tips that will help you keep your dating life discreet and private.

Finding like-minded partners

Make sure you’re using discreet methods to find casual daters. It’s no good going around your friends and seeing they have anyone who might be interested as this will soon start to be noticed. Use websites specifically tailored to finding those interested in sexual experiences as it’s far more discreet. When it comes to finding new partners, you can go online using naughty dating websites such as, or you can just go out and meet new people in bars and clubs.

Knowing where to go and staying safe

While you want to keep discreet, at the same time you don’t want to end up going to a bad pub or restaurant with this person. Choose one where you’re not likely to run into people you know whilst at the same time; don’t take them to a place you know nothing about. The best bet is to make sure you know the area when it comes to restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels. The final destination for most casual dates is the bedroom and it always pays to note where your good ones are in the area. It’s probably best advised not to bring a stranger home the first night you meet them nor head over to theirs.

Important regardless whether it’s in your local area of somewhere new is to stay safe. If this regarding picking a familiar and public location for your first meet-up or using protection in the bedroom, you must make sure to be smart about everything you do.

Remain discreet

While dating a number of people and focusing on just having a good time is all well and good, if you’re not careful it can bring with it a certain unflattering reputation. Whether you’re male or female the last thing you want is to be labelled as easy. Do make sure you keep things as discreet as possible. Don’t telegraph your casual dating plans. I’m sure you’ve at some point in your lives heard that famous saying “don’t kiss and tell”, well that is certainly wise advice. The moment you tell someone be it a friend or work colleague all it takes is for them to tell someone else for it to start spreading like wildfire. People love to gossip and if your weekly conquests manage to find your way into everyone’s conversations all too often that is not good.

Casual dating is a fun lifestyle choice and there’s no reason not to date people in your local area… just so long as you make sure to keep safe and discreet.


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