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Catalina Cruz Is NOT Latin! Exclusive- Part 1

pictures courtesy of Catalina Cruz  Interview by Cindi Loftus  Story Copyright Xcitement 2009

She loves Las Vegas and Italian food. She likes Snickers, and thought The Hangover was so funny. Did you think Catalina Cruz was an exotic Latin creature? So did I. We are wrong. She’s from Ohio, and she has an Ohioan accent. She’s pretty famous although I couldn’t find a list of movies with her name on them. That’s because she only does scenes for her site, Catalina was a blast to chat with. She is a down to earth, friendly, funny, sexy and a true sweetheart. I loved talking to her…


AF: How did you start in adult?

C: Back in 1999 I posted some amateur pictures. We had taken them at home from when we were playing around one day. And I uploaded them to a modeling site where you could get some local jobs or whatever. I wasn’t even thinking, I was just playing. I had no idea what would happen.

AF: And look at you now!

C: I didn’t even know about pay sites until I met a couple in Michigan and they showed me pay sites and said I should do this. And driving home from that shoot, I decided I was going to get some money together and open up a site just for fun.

AF: You are obviously doing a marvelous job Miss Website Starlet of the Year 2009.

C: Thanks.

AF: How did you feel about getting that title?

C: I was shocked. There are so many girls that have worked so hard for so many years, that it could have been anyone.

AF: I don’t know about that. I went around on the web looking at reviews of your site and the lowest one I can find was a “B.”

C: Ahh. That makes me feel so good.

AF: No one said anything bad. They were all glowing reviews.

C: I think it’s because I really really like it. I don’t know what I would do without it. I had normal jobs before this…

AF: Tell me about your normal jobs.

C: Oh my God. I don‘t know if I interviewed well, because I really didn’t have a lot of schooling. I went to business school for a couple years. I worked for a Japanese International Trade Company.

AF: What did you do there?

C: I worked on accounts, buying and selling steel overseas. It was sitting behind a desk making phone calls. It was really boring.

AF: It sounds really boring.

C: The only positive thing was that the Japanese really like to party so I remember my first day there we went to lunch and we were doing shots.

AF: Of sake?

C: Yeah. And I was like how the hell am I going to work, because I don’t drink that much. We were all bombed and they thought it was great. And then I worked for an advertising agency in accounting and I am horrible in math, just horrible.

AF: The ideal job for you. (Laughs)

C: Seriously, I got put on probation for that job. It was really bad.

AF: So long did that one last?

C: I was there about a year and a half. I started there as the receptionist and got promoted to accounting. I don’t know how. I didn’t blow anyone I swear.

AF: How did you know I was going to ask you that?

C: (cracking up) I just knew. I can feel it.

AF: That was so in my head to say that, not as a serious question, but jokingly. And you read my mind.

C: I had too much energy and I always wanted to be my own boss, just like everyone does.

AF: Well you are doing a fabulous job on your site, and I like your blog. I read it today.

C: Oh Lord.

AF: Oh Lord what?

C: I get embarrassed. It’s so weird that I have an adult site, but I still get embarrassed sometimes.

AF: You are adorable. I like the pictures you had posted of the twins (her boobs were named that way) They are beautiful. If they weren’t so big I would think they are real.

C: Thanks. I had an awesome doctor.

AF: Are you really Spanish?

C: The whole name thing came from that often people would say that I could be related to Penelope Cruz.

AF: You could, but you are prettier.

C: Ah, thank you.  I think it’s the nose. But my dark features are actually Slovenian.

AF: You are what?

C: Slovenian.

AF: Like from Slovenia?

C: Yeah. That’s what my parents told me.

AF: I don’t even know where that is.

C: My Dad tried to show me maps and tell me history.

AF: I just looked it up on the computer, and it is near Italy. I thought you were Latin.

C: Well when I go to the mall people will start speaking Spanish to me, and I only know a little bit. People just assume by looking at you what you are.

AF: I was doing research before I called you and I found a thread on a forum for The Best Latin Porn stars, you are on the list. So do movie companies call you and ask you to be in their Latina titles?

C: Not really. I think it has gotten around that I don’t shoot for anyone. I only do scenes for my site for ten years now.

AF: That’s amazing because you are so well known. That’s why you have the best site of 2009!

C: That’s all I do.

AF: Well that’s a lot.

C: People don’t realize how much work it is. We run twelve other sites too.

AF: If they sign up for your site, do they get the other ones free?

C: Yes.

AF: That’s terrific. So the scenes on your site are girl/girl, solo, and is there boy/girl too?

C: Yes I do boy/girl with my husband.

AF: That’s very cool. How come I don’t know what his name is?

C: His name is Brandon.

AF: That’s not fair. Everyone knows your name, and we’ve never heard of him. How come it’s not Catalina Cruz and Brandon dot com?

C: He really doesn’t want people to know who he is. We tell people, even the members that he is the stunt cock.

AF: (Laughs) His parents must be so proud!

C: Even in the AVN show guide I thank my Stunt Cock. He does so much behind the scenes. We have a lot of fun. And he has had A LOT of fun.

AF: Does he get to be the prop for blowjobs also?

C: Yes. We have a line called License to Blow.

AF: I read somewhere about how you teach girls to do blow jobs?

C: Yes, it’s where you get an official license if they pass.

AF: How does that work?

C: For example Eva Angelina has her License to Blow. She was so much fun. It was so funny. Because whenever I meet one of the porn stars I am so star struck. I was really nervous with her, but she is one of the sweetest, kindest people you can ever meet. She’s hardcore too, boy. So in the scenes I am teaching them, but really it’s the opposite. But it is really a lot of fun.

AF: Eva does hot scenes. How much porn do you watch?

C: I watch it everyday because we are editing. But personally, it’s once in a while.

AF: Are you watching yourself everyday?

C: Well I edit for my site and for the twelve other sites. I have seen so many girls naked.

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