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Catalina Cruz- Jealous & Turned on at the Same Time- Exclusive

pictures courtesy of Catalina Cruz  Interview by Cindi Loftus  Story Copyright Xcitement 2009

Part 2 of interview with Catalina Cruz. Part one here

AF: So who are your favorite naked girls to work with?

C: One of the girls that I really love is Austin Kincaid, but she has retired. She is a really down to earth girl, really laid back. There are so many. Sandra Romain. I had fun with Eva. Honestly there has never been anyone I didn’t like. I have a blast working with everyone.

AF: Can you remember your hottest scene or something that you still think about?

C: Sandra Romain.

AF: What did you do?

C: Even just talking. She doesn’t even have to flipping touch you. I mean seriously. This girl I thought she was going to eat us alive. It is something I will never forget.

AF: Well tell me some of the details!
C: She talks dirty, and she has a thick accent. I almost left the room because she was devouring Brandon’s cock. It was crazy.

AF: Do you ever get jealous?

C: When we first started doing it I did inside. But it was a weird feeling, I was jealous, but it turned me on. It turns me on so bad to watch him with someone else. So it’s a little bit of jealousy, but the eroticism over powers it.

AF: And after that person leaves you two can go fuck for hours.

C: There you go.

AF: On or off camera.

C: We’ve done both. Sometimes we’ll film it and sometimes we are like oh fuck that camera.

AF: I bet sometimes you just want to have sex and not worry about where your leg is, or if your hair looks all right.

C: Right, and the whole setting up everything. Like last night I stabbed myself in the stomach with the lighting umbrella.

AF: Ouch!

C: Yes. I was putting everything away from my cam show. I like it really well lit.

AF: That was another thing I heard about you, that you do so many cam shows. So what did you do last night?

C: For the most part I do solo shows. I use toys and a lot of clit play because I am a clit comer. Last night it was tease, and chat, and play and masturbate with my glass toy. In the beginning I had some technical difficulties and I had to restart my computer. When you are doing it live sometimes you have problems. One time I was doing my show at home in one of the front rooms and some Jehovah Witnesses came to the door and were knocking. I got flat on the floor like an army guy.

AF: That’s funny as hell. You should have just answered the damn door naked.

C: Well they were trying to peek in my house. Can you imagine if I went door to door trying to sell memberships to my site?

AF: That would be great. Hi, it’s only $29.95 and I take my clothes off.

C: Someone should really do that.

AF: And tape what happens at the doors. The cameraman can explain that he is the suitcase pimp and whip out the laptop and say “See, I will show you what you get for your money!”

C: That would be hilarious.

AF: Speaking of crazy things, do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?

C: I have done a few orgies. But anytime I am fantasizing its always for threesomes and orgies. I’ve done them. But I am always desiring them. So that is my biggest fantasy.

AF: Do you have specific people or types in mind?

C: I’m not that fussy. Big boobs, little boobs, they are all good.

AF: Do you have any fetishes? Or is there something kinky that you like?

C: I love, love, love my inner thighs touched, or foreplay on my inner thighs. You do that and I’m yours.

AF: Okay, come over right now.

C: (Laughs) I love that.

AF: So that’s your turn on spot.

C: Yes.

AF: Do you remember your sexiest dream ever?

C: It was a dream that really happened. With my close girlfriend that lived in Ohio. It was my very first time having a threesome. It was me, her and my husband and she came over late one night and one thing led to another and me and her ended up talking in bed and he was downstairs and he came up and laid down and was talking. And then I started kissing her. And since that happened, and it was years ago, every once in a while I have a dream about it.

AF: Did you know that she was bi-sexual before hand?

C: We would go dancing at the clubs, and I think we were attracted to one another, but nothing ever happened. I could just feel a vibe. And then laying next to each other we just started kissing. I think we both knew but we had never acted on it before.

AF: Look what course she started you on with threesomes, and doing your website. She was the start of something big!

C: She makes jokes now, and asks me about porn stars.

AF: Do you have a message for your fans?

C: I am nothing without the surfers and the members. I just really want to thank them. Thank you for being so loyal throughout the years and it’s just really cool.

AF: Can you say that in Spanish! Just kidding.

C: Te amo!

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