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Catching Up with Nora Noir

 Catching up with Nora Noir
As Nora has now been in the business siw months I thought it was time to see what fun things sh’d been up to.

Jon Tribb

1 How are you finding the commute between California and Florida? Will you eventually move there?
One word “LONG”, really cranking up the frequent flier miles. Hard to say, right now my life is in FL…but you never know.
2 What have been the highlights of your six months in the industry?
    Meeting so many cool people, and working with some of the hottest guys. I love sex, so each experience has been wonderful, I have really enjoyed every scene I’ve done.
3 Has your sexual confidence grown because of your work?
Yes, I was just talking about this the other day. I never really lacked confidence, but now I can really perform comfortably in front of the camera…I know what my fans like.
4 Have you done any girl girl scenes yet and if so can you tell us about them?
    Yes I did one with Sophie Dee for her site   she is the sweetest person and I’m so glad she was my first G/G. I love being with another’s something I’ve always wanted to experience and I love it. Porn has allowed me to experience all my sexual desires, and expanded my sexual outlook.
5 What would be your ideal gangbang scenario?
      Hmmm, good question.. when I think of gang bangs..only one word comes to mind..”Intense”, I want my GB to be a total hot, wet, sexual odessey..with a lot of hard cock.
6 Can you remember the first time you squirted? What’s the best way to make you squirt?
    No frankly I can’t remember, I’ve done it for so long..sometimes it just happens. I like reverse cowgirl, or doggie..anything that hit that spot just happens.
7 What is it you like about anal sex?
    It feels awesome, something you have to experience and still waiting for my first DP. My scene with Mike Adraino for MILF Anal Addiction was my favorite anal scene..that scene was hot!!

8 What are your tips for givng a good blowjob?
    This I’m told I do very well,   it wasn’t something I enjoyed years ago…but now I developed a way to relax and take it deep. Now I love it, and I totally deep throat those big dicks.

9 Have you ever had sex in a plane? Would you like to film a scene in one and who would be your pilot?
    YES, I’m a member of the “mile high club”, hell yes…I love sex in the air..hmmm tough choice..I’d love to do Johnny Sins eight miles high.

10 Who are some of your favourite fellow MILF’s and why? I
    I  like several, Lisa Ann, she is so hot and love to read her tweets. Veronica Avluv, she is an amazing fellow squirter and a very sweet person. To many to mention, MILF’s have that special gift…guys love us!

11 Which award would you most like to win and why? 
    I really enjoy all the scenesI do, if there is a catagory for “Most Intense Sexual Performance” I’d like to win that. I always put every thing I have into it, I love to perform.
12 What scenes should people look out for?
    More hot sex, more G/G, G/G/B Orgy, Gang Bang, I really like more people involved in the scenes..I’m expanding on my performance resume, so just keep watching.
13 What have you planned for the next six months?
    More great sex, I hope to keep shooting, and growing my sexual experiences. More web sites, and more content for my own site.
14 When will your web site be ready?
   Working on it right now!! I hope to launch it real soon. follow my twitter, I will have an announcement   when it’s ready.

15 Where can people find you on the net?
    Fans follow me on twitter @noranoirxxx and Directors can book me through Attn: Kevin O’Neil also see me *live* at Noranoirxxx

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