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CAVR’s DEN Retires

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NL-To know him is to love him. Although he is one of the most humble people I know, Den from is retiring from writing about porn after a measly 27,754 reviews, lol.  I have nominated Den for every Hall Of Fame there is and as far as I know he has turned down all the nominations. You will be so missed Den. Now where will i go when I have no idea who a girl in a scene is?  And thank you again Den for the award, it means so much to me.  Now that Den is retiring can we please give him a special XRCO award? 


Den writes about his retirement-( )

Time to call it quits. The CAVR website will remain On-line thanks to the generosity of
 Jeff Vanzetti of (Thanks Jeff), but there will be no new reviews.

First and foremost I want to thank all the Porn Stars. They are very special ladies that
 I admire, adore and worship! Without them we have no Porn!

 I want to Specially thank Den’s All-Time Top Ten Porn Stars:
                    Bobbi Starr
                    Tricia Devereaux
                    Sylvia Saint
                    Hillary Scott
                    Avy Scott
                    Jewel De’Nyle
                    Aurora Snow
                    Gianna Michaels
                    Francesca Le’

 I want to thank all the people that have read my reviews over the years.

 I want to thank all of Studios that graciously sent me screeners to review.

 I especially want to thank Rog for his inspiration and support.
 Rog is proof that Quality reviews indeed trumps Quantity of reviews.
 Rog is a XRCO and CAVR Hall of Famer!

We have been so lucky to have some really great Directors Rodney Moore, Mike John, John Stagliano,
 Bruce Seven, John Leslie, Brad Armstrong, Will Ryder, Mason and the underrated Bobby Rinaldi.

 And not to forget some really good Behind-the-Scenes footage from the innovative Cash Markman and
 the gals favorite BTS guy, The Coach.
 The best Agent in the business is Mark Spiegler!

 And, lastly, my thanks to all the Reviewers who spend so much time writing all about the
 movie so you can make an informed decision.

 I am NOT a Hall of Famer and nor should I ever be considered for Hall of Fame recognition.
 My favorite accolade came from Don Houston   “For the One Guy Who Cares”

 I wish the very best for my best friends Dirty Bob and Dick Freeman of XRCO fame.

 I will miss you all.
 And, I still visit Adult DVD Talk 4-5 times a day!
 My favorite website.



Lots of well wishes for Den here

Feel free to leave nice comments for him here also! xo

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