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Cayton Caley Update

I call her back Sunday night.

Cayton: “I’m on the cover of Cheri magazine for October 2007. Guess what other magazine I’m in for October 2007?”

Luke: “No idea.”

Cayton: “I’m in Hustler magazine. Two magazines for the same month. It’s my fourth magazine for this year.”

“I was at Universal Studios in Orlando today. I left because of this. My boyfriend called me up… ‘JP [a mutual friend] was walking through the airport and he went to pick up some magazines for the flight and you’re on the cover, ‘Hot Latinas Taking Jizz On The Face.’”

“I wanted to die. I was standing there waiting to get on a ride and my stomach… When you want everything to go away, everything keeps popping up.”

Cayton is Puerto Rican.

“My boyfriend doesn’t care what I did in the past. With all the problems I had in the porn industry, he says, ‘Just avoid it. Don’t do it anymore.’”

Cayton has a different looks these days. She’s out of the sex industry. She rarely gets recognized.

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