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CCbill and Epoch are not removed from the Zango system – Zango Statement

Kevin Osborn posts on Netpond:

I have been speaking with Zango regarding getting all our domains removed from the Zango system. In an email to me today they state that I can still buy CCbill and Epoch words and that CCBill and Epoch are not removed from the Zango system. I tend to believe CCBill and Epoch over a bunch of cunts like Zango. If CCBill and Epoch want me to forward all email correspondance between myself and Zango I would be happy to do so. This is the email from Zango:

The keyword advertising model is a legitimate and court-approved model even when the keywords are trademarked terms. As you probably know, and just as one illustrative example, Google sells ads using keywords (some of which are trademarked by others) and has litigated this issue successfully on several occasions. This link to a recent article in The Dallas Morning News may be helpful.

Like Google – and Yahoo!, MSN, and countless others – we sell keywords to the highest bidder. The highest bidder can elect to show an ad or not to show an ad. I would be happy to have certain keywords investigated for you and to discuss with you an advertising relationship as appropriate. If you are interested, please send me a list of keywords on which you would like to focus.

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