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Celebrity Rehab


This may be the worst idea for a TV show ever.

It’s a reality show called Celebrity Rehab, and VH1 is following “celebrity” drug and alcohol abusers like former wrestler Chyna, porn star Mary Carey, Brigitte Nielsen (not sure exactly what she does these days), multiple-arrests actor Tom Sizemore and comedian Andy Dick as they try to kick their problems at the Pasadena Recovery Center. The show will air next year.

Here’s why it’s a bad idea.

Maybe we should stop glorifying these idiots by putting them on TV and treating their addictions as entertainment and calculated career moves.

Impressionable TV stargazers will think that rehab is cool. Plus, VH1 will play it for entertainment. It’s a pop-culture channel that survives on ratings. Real rehab ain’t pretty. Real rehab won’t sell commercials.

That said, I will watch Celebrity Rehab. I will enjoy the part when they tearfully promise never to take drugs again — unless, of course, Celebrity Rehab gets picked up for a second season.

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