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Cesar Capone AKA Bill Fisher is Donny’s AIM Record Source?

NL-Kelli posted this as a comment on the Mallcom/Cesar Capone Story. I think parts of it are REALLY important for you to see, they are in BOLD. Consider this Kelli’s opinion only.

I don’t know where you got Fisher blacklisted Donny Long. They were friends and just last year or so (maybe a little longer now but while he was still in Miami) he paid him to do some production work for him.

This I know for 100% fact. This was just before he took off for Thailand so it wasn’t that long ago.

In fact, it was Bill Fisher’s AIM access that Donny Long used to originally access the database the first time and download all of the porn star’s information, which was prior to his creation of the porn wiki leaks website, but was instead for the original one he did. I can’t remember the name of it but I know Mike South can tell you the one I mean. It was the first site he originally did where he started to reveal information on anyone associated with Spiegler.

As far as the rumor of them “buying out” Cezar Capone. Most people for awhile now realize that they’ve owned it all along. Just do a corp or trademark search for Cezar Capone.

The only thing Cezar Capone is trying to do with that email, is dodge his creditors, and instead try and push them off on others because he’s such a dumb ass he really thinks that will work. He’s like well I quit so I don’t owe you money anymore.

He really is that stupid to think that.

As far as what Cindi posted, yes Fisher owes a lot of people money – I mean a WHOLE lot of people.

I worked with Cezar Capone for about a year and in that time I was tasked with trying to organize the people he owed money to. In that time he would eventually go on to run off with a lot of people’s money. He screwed me out of $60,000 for the production of Hocus Pocus XXX. He scammed this one guy from Playboy for about $50,000, he scammed the Love Twins, they never received a single dime for the movie they put out with him (The Love Twins XXX Home Movies) and this other producer named David for 4 movies put out through him, who also never seen a single penny. I think there was something like $20,000 in question from when he fucked over Morgan Dayne as well.

But to be clear here, BILL FISHER scammed these people, along with the help of Emily Rigby. They were running a great con, tricking people for about the last two years.

Not the company, they were running their money scam on their own.

Now that they have scammed enough people BOTH BILL FISHER AND EMILY RIGBY, they had to move on to a new industry … of all things the CHILDREN’S TOY INDUSTRY!

Of course besides their production scam, they owed a few people for legit deals as well like replication companies, graphics artists, editors, employees, etc.

They just racked up every bill they could, promising people at first they would pay and eventually they just stopped taking those calls.

One guy that they owed $4,000 to for DVD authoring services gave me a great idea … to hire a collections company. Since in addition to the $60,000 he owed me from the scammed production money for my movie he also owed me $18,000 in consulting fees for other work I did for him, so I gave it a try.

That douche bag actually went to the police and filed a report on me saying I was his stalker ex-girlfriend and that I was having people call him to harass him because he broke up with me (ie: the collection agency calls – but he neglected to mention it was a billing service, he was just lying pretending like I was some crazy ex!!!) I never met that loser IRL life in my entire life and I sure in the heck would have never slept with him.

Bill Fisher is a really icky person who ripped off so many people in our industry for thousands and thousands of dollars and funny how people never talk about those kind of things.

He didn’t pay some talent, one agency – I can’t remember which one and he just lies so much. Every word out of his mouth is a lie and he loves to go around telling you about how he believes in karma and a person’s word is everything.

He’s such a piece of shit scam artist. I wished I would have listened to people years ago when I first took that job. So many people warned me but I was stupid … but partly because nobody in this business will open up and talk about the jack asses like this that scam people or take advantage of others.

There is this guy he placed an ad with in a magazine. The guy contacted me asking for the $800 he was owed. I said okay, took his information brought it to Bill to add to the list of people he was supposed to pay. He told me the guy was just making that up, they never advertised in that magazine, or even heard of it. The guy sent me an issue of the magazine in question, with Morgan Dayne right on the front cover so you know what Bill Fisher wanted me to do? Issue the guy an invoice for $10,000 for the use of his image.

Yet the real deal was, he allowed the use of his owned images on the cover (Morgan Dayne) in return for a discount on his ad space within the magazine and yet that piece of shit Bill Fisher still wouldn’t pay up and seriously wanted me to invoice him and harass him over that $10,000 so he would just go away.

He had this lady who would answer his phone and handle the 2257 docs and he owed her like $4,000 in back wages and he couldn’t afford to pay her (yet he could afford to pay his whore mistress Emily $250 a day just to be his full time whore full time), so he fires her, claims she was incompetent, just so he wouldn’t have to pay her and then claimed he would have to deduct mistakes she made out of her wages.

I could go on but I think you all got the point. Bill Fisher is the biggest piece of shit that ever lived.

I love how his little buddies kept his name out of the PWL scandal knowing all along it was HIS aim credentials that were originally used to get information by Donny Long.

I just love the old bro club – how we all protect their good buddies, no matter who they fuck over.

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