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[email protected]_Stokely Offers Valentine’s Day Ideas to Couples in Quarantine

As Valentine’s Day lovers are encouraged to settle in at home this year, Charlotte Stokely is offering helpful tips to make this most romantic of holidays a special one to remember.

The Hall of Fame adult star, who is also a Health Coach and Certified Sex Educator, says that “rather than being discouraged that lockdown has inhibited your abilities to go out, appreciate the provided opportunity to go ‘inside’. Having the extra time to look within yourself, your needs and your intimate connections with a lover is magically priceless.”

Stokely advises that now is the time to “take advantage of this extra time cooped up to really get to know the person you’re with, or what your personal needs are. There are some great conversation starter games I’m seeing online, such as ‘Let’s Get Deep’.”

A themed date night is another exciting option for spicing up the festivities: “for example, country dancing – order a couple of cowboy hats, push aside furniture, lower the lighting and re-enact some dance moves on YouTube… perhaps a creative bull ride? Wink-wink!

“Wear your finest as if you are going to a 5-Star restaurant and create a romantic home-cooked dinner for two! You’ve most likely already been cooking at home this past year, so how do we make an extra-special home cooked meal? Or make a treasure map, with hints and clues around the house. The prize? Your booty!”

What’s most important, says Stokely, is to “be grateful for everything you have on this day. Gratitude is the best attitude! Don’t be sad about what you ‘would rather’ be doing, because what’s important is the time you’re spending with your lover now. Limitations are a perception, open your mind and heart to a lockdown Valentine’s Day and smile with your heart. Know that you are loved and worthy of love.”

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