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Charlie Laine moving back to LA to host Too Much for TV

From Charlie Laine’s blog

Charlie writes- So a lot been going on since i moved back to wisconsin. As you know i made a trip to la in November for work.

I did an audition for a PPV/InDemand show called Too Much for TV, and thankfully i got the job as host!! Im very excited and thankful for this opportunity =) I love the crew and the basis of the show is alot of fun.. i get to interview people, memorize lines & still work with some hot chicks!!

So because of this awesome opportunity I will be relocating back to LA and continuing my modeling career. I really love my job and dont think i was completely ready for chapter two. I take this as a chance to do what i love and work on the next phase at the same time.

So LA here I come! Ill be traveling back and forth for the next couple months.. then back to warm weather for me =) I really appreciate everyones support thru each stage ive gone thru and i hope to continue to make you proud =) Take care… xo

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