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Charlie Sheen Girls update…


Kacey Jordan posed for a spread in GQ, with her clothes on this past weekend. The tabloids are also reporting that Kacey used to babysit for Britney Spears’ Kid and that Kacey got pregnant by Kevin Federline and had an abortion.

Bree Olson was arrested after crashing her black Lexus into a light pole. She was not injured.  She reportedly blew a 1.9 on the breathalyzer and was taken to jail, where she proceeded to remove her underwear and and attempt to urinate on the floor according to various news reports. She was released on $750 bail.

According to a Fox News report Jenna Jameson when asked about Charlie Sheen said “Run! Run! Screaming! I think I might have been one of the very first girls in the (porn) ring. He stalked me, and it wasn’t good,” she laughed. “So I would say run screaming!”

NL- I don’t know if Jenna was first tho, remember Charlie dated Ginger Lynn years back….



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