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Chasey Lain is BACK in the BIZ


This movie is from 2006


According to various sources, after a stint in rehab, Chasey Lain is out, healthy  and happy to get back to work i porn. She is being taken on “GoSees” By Travis Nestor and looks forward to seeing her old friends and meeting new ones.

The last time I saw Chasey was on the video that was shot on Donny Long’s set. Chasey comments on that- “What he wanted from me was not reasonable,” Lain said. “He was trying to take advantage of me and get free content. I was totally disrespected and belittled as a person. That video was not intended for public distribution. I’m sorry that people had to see that. I’m glad that’s all in the past for me now.”

I’d love to have a new set of pictures of you Chasey, please send them on over along with how to get ahold of you and I will post the info.


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