Chaturbate token currency hack? Is it real or fake?

Chaturbate is one of the most popular top sex cam sites around the world, not only for having an overload of pretty naughty live girls but also for offering quality live chat entertainment. The site uses tokens as its currency. This token currency enables users to tip any sexy bombshell on the site to burst any sexy moves in public or private chats. To purchase tokens, you will have to incur expenditure since they are equivalent to money. For instance:

10.99 USD for 100 tokens – It means 100 token = 10.99 US dollar

20.99 USD for 200 tokens – It means 100 token = 10.495 US dollar

44.99 USD for 500 tokens – It means 100 token = 8.998 US dollar

62.99 USD for 700 tokens – It means 100 token = 8.3986 US dollar

79.99 USD for 1000 tokens – It means 100 token = 7.999 US dollar

Is the token hack real?

Well, I bet it could have been good news for all of you lazy idle fucks looking to spend hours on end chatting and being entertained sensually by Chaturbate’s hot models, right? Unfortunately, none of the scammy token generators is working, and it’s probably because it’s impossible to get you some free tokens. No matter which bluffy online procedure you decide to undertake.

The said token hack features

How does that saying go again? When the deal is too good, you’ve got to think twice or something? Well, everyone’s looking for money to fill up their fucking pockets, and these fuckers are no different, particularly striking when the rod is hot. And I bet most Chaturbate users have been lured down this path already by unrealistic features such as these ones below:

‘Online based’ – this simply means that you do not have to install anything, whether an app or software. And I bet it totally sounds cool and way too convenient because, after all, the risk of infecting your device will malware is safely out of the way.

Adds up to 5000 tokens – Sounds pretty good, right? Imagining all those tokens and the things you could get for them on Chaturbate, damn! Maybe before you ran into an abyss, you should know that it’s been tested on over 500 devices and it did not generate shit in any of them. Good luck with yours, however!

Can be run multiple times. Hmmmh… Super functionality, right? Tell me, how many times would anyone around the world want to generate these token currency per day? Why isn’t there an overload of cam girls on Chaturbate due to an increase in false bulk payments or exactly from what bank are these sick people using to convert inexistent dollars into tokens? Making any sense yet? Unless you are a fucked up dummy or something else.

Anonymous – Super safe, blah blah blah! I don’t need to remind you that other than the incognito and VPN you cannot afford to trust any other scorn burgs, do I?  Say the owner, for instance, how can you trust a lying bastard whose lies you can pinpoint ten miles away?

Ban protection? – Oh, how sweet! Like these people’s work is just to look out for you, making sure your fapping account is not blocked. At the same time ensuring that you get all the unlimited tokens for all your dirty work. Thank god there is actually a recommend that advice users to use thrice a day. Bullshit! How can anyone limit themselves from pleasure when they have unlimited access to inconsequential means?

Always updated – Other than the lies on their website being updated to sound more believable to fools and palatable to freeloaders I doubt there are any free well-wishers to provide that kind of free labor to ensure nobody’s balls are stinking from old sperms. Don’t you think?

Works on any browser – How efficient, right? Like this website, software or whatever it is, it conforms to your type of browser no matter how fast or slow it is. Well, it sure does, but the results remain the same; NO TOKENS GENERATED!

How it presumably works

It simulates the process that a person would take to purchase tokens — If you asked me this is absolute bullshit, and you know why? This whole fucking process is supposed to be account based, and yet they do not require you to log into yours or even create one. The most ridiculous thing is that non-members cannot actually buy tokens since it’s a provision for members only bringing me to my question; what token buying process will they be stimulating for you? Well, it’s one thing to try and mislead the technologically blind, but at least try and use reasonable explanations!

The first step involves finding your username in the Chaturbate database – Now this is the funniest of them all! Like what do these people take us for? If you haven’t registered for an account or better, still you ain’t-a goddamned model, how the fuck will your name magically appear in their database. And in any case my friends Chaturbate has been around for long enough to establish all their security risky spots/gaps and have shielded themselves properly to avoid any bleach, like this one of course. Otherwise, the database search would be bringing you solid shit other than the blanks I received. Or maybe you should try this dead end too, but I must warn you that it could be a little disappointing.


It’s probably a hard pill to swallow, but free stuff nowadays are only in stories! So, if you are a die-hard fan of Chaturbate babes and would love to continue enjoying their exquisite sensual live shows; I suggest you work your ass off for some extra cash because whether they charge an arm and leg or not. Truth is there is no way around that, there hasn’t and probably never will be!

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