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Cheating On Your Wife On Video

Conky writes on XPT:

Sometimes porn is so head-shakingly crazy, I begin to doubt my own sanity. But this little gem from a Gene Ross interview with Tera Leigh is today’s highlight:

“Leigh explains her relationship to the Jordan brothers and that being the reason why she got into the business.

“Ever since I was a little girl I have two people who have been married into my family,” states Leigh. “One of them was married to my cousin and that’s how I kinda got exposed to it. That was Corey and Dale Jordan- my uncles by marriage. Not any more.”

“And I’ve had sex with both of them!” she exclaims. “But we’re really not related any more.” Leigh explains that her cousin married Dale.

“But Dale got caught cheating on his wife on Dr. Fellatio 44.”

“I heard that story- that the tape came out and his wife saw it.”

“Someone sent her an anonymous e-mail,” says Leigh. “And Corey had sex with her, too. But Dale asked him to.”

The dude cheated on his wife on fucking video. I think we need a new F.L.O.P. “A lot of people in the porn industry are really, really, really fucking dumb”.

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