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Cherry Bomb

I get a call from retired porn star C.

C: “I’m trying to find out about an L.A. company that is out here in Miami. Cherry Bomb.”

Luke: “I’ve never heard of them.”

C: “They said they worked with Hustler and Vivid.”

“I told them my agent was LA Direct Models. He sound hesitent after that.”

“I’m trying to do a little research before I meet with them tomorrow.”

“I guess I’ll bring a chaperone with me.”

“I have a boyfriend. If he finds out I’m even contemplating this web cam, I’m dead.”

Luke: “Why are you contemplating?”

C: “You can take the girl away from porn but you can’t take the porn away from the girl.”

“I’m thinking of getting my boobs done. I’m seeing a plastic surgeon.”

Luke: “Why?”

C: “Because he has a lot of money and he’s cute. And he has the best dog in the world.”

“I’m doing webcam for Icey Porn.”

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