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Chick Pass Review (2020)

Chick Pass

Chick Pass has dedicated itself to amateur porn and might soon have the largest collection of amateur sex scenes on the internet.

The reason for this is the quick update schedule that permits them to upload more than a thousand videos per year.

Therefore, it is not hard to notice that they are uploading fresh content daily.

Have you ever wanted to see a girl living in your neighborhood in a porn video? Of course, you did! We all wish to see the hot and kinky girls from our neighborhood getting naked and riding a hard dick, but as luck doesn’t shine over many, we hardly get such a chance in our lives.

However, some sites like Chick Pass hire amateur girls. These girls want to earn some quick cash, and in turn, you get to fulfil your perverted desires! As we have discussed before, you will only get to see amateur babes on this site. ​

Some of them are virgins, and others might lack the skills that are usually at the disposal of professional porn stars.

However, this is what amateur porn is all about. The tense look on their faces when they are doing it for the first time but still willing to push their limits to enjoy lustful pain is what sweeps you over while watching them.

Over 6500 porn clips and more than 4600 adult photo sets are available on this site as of now. Most of the videos have full-length scenes, and the average length of videos is 20 minutes which is quite impressive. One glimpse on its homepage, and you will know that all of them are amateur girls.

If you only like to watch professionals in a porno, then probably this adult portal is not for you. A single premium membership promises thousands of adult movies and photos.

Not only that, you get unlimited porn content from the network sites that are offered as a bonus to the premium account holders of this site. There are 23 premium porn sites in total, and you get access to all of them with a single subscription!

The premium plans are very much affordable, and you get multiple options to complete the payment procedure. The adult videos and photos are offered on separate pages to make it convenient for the users. There are some flaws as well, which we will be looking at in detail in the below sections.

Why should one subscribe to a premium plan of Chick Pass?

Amateur porn might not be everyone’s preference, but it certainly is one of the most interesting genres of porn. Watching college teens, geeks, housewives, or working women is quite a turn on to most of us. Apart from that, here you will find babes of all ethnicities and origins.

Asians, Latinas, Caucasians, Ebonies, and girls from other origins can be seen performing here. Also, there are brunettes, blondes, petite babes, milfs, and every other type of woman that you would imagine in your kinkiest dreams.

Chick Pass not only has amateur porn, but it has an extensive collection of hardcore porn content as well. Creampies, blowjobs, threesomes, anal sex, group sex, interracial sex scenes, and other hardcore niches are good enough to provide you an experience of a lifetime.

Moreover, all the newer updates are available in HD quality, and even the photos are uploaded in high resolution. Most of the content is exclusive, and no daily limit is stipulated on the downloading of videos and photos. Also, the adult photo sets can be downloaded in zip files.

Around 1140 models are showcased in the model index. Even after uploading hundreds of photo sets and videos every month, the site remains true to its amateur genre. You can operate this portal through your mobile, as well. Moreover, Chick Pass provides a lot of browsing and sorting options to the users.

chick pass members

You get content of 3 networks as a bonus after purchasing a premium plan of Chick Pass. It includes seven sites of ChikPass Adult Network, seven sites of Fuck the Geek network, and seven sites of ChikPass Amateurs. Most of these sites are getting frequently updated.

As a result, you get to relish different genres of adult content once you become a paid user of Chick Pass.

Chick Pass offers both basic and advanced search options to the premium members. Also, it offers multiple options to filter the photo sets and videos. The amateur models are hot and sexy enough to stimulate your sexual desires.

Petite, athletic, voluptuous, and every other type of model can be seen performing in the sex scenes that are uploaded on this adult portal. The profiles of models comprise of many details and information, and can you can also rate the babes or leave comments on their profiles.

Also, you can mark the videos that you like as a favorite and rate them according to their hotness quotient. Similarly, many other interactive features make it a cool site to hang on to. The photos can be viewed in slide-shows, or you can directly download them directly into zip files.

Premium Members also get access to porn blogs. The videos feature amateur and semi-professional babes, but the videos are captured professionally. Plenty of POV scenes are archived in the POV category, and a separate category is dedicated to the full HD scenes.

Chick Pass has a vast collection of Asian content where you can see hot and petite Asian models performing. All of these features and options make Chick Pass a perfect site for those who are into amateur porn.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular models – Anastasia Rose (14 videos), Brook Lyn Rose (8 videos), Morgan Sayles (8 videos)

  • Total number of scenes – 4.6K+ videos

  • The average length of videos – 20 minutes

  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080p

  • Is there a download limit? – No

  • Are photosets available? – Yes

  • Photo slideshows – Yes

  • Watermarks on Photos – No

  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1920 * 1080 pixels

  • DRM protection – N0

  • Bonus content – Yes

  • Bonus sites – Yes

  • Model index – Yes

  • Updates – Daily

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

10 / 10

Quality Of Videos

10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

96 / 100

Website Overview

Website address –

Average visits per month – NA

The website design is not excellent, but is decent and completely functional.

The pink theme might not seem to be very appealing, but it does not matter much as far as you get to watch and download high-quality content.

The homepage of Chick Pass starts with the featured models and recently uploaded videos of the Chick Pass network.

After that, you will see the popular videos, and below that, you would find the list of sites that you get as a bonus after becoming a paid user of Chick Pass.

If you need to surf the model index, then you can click on the ‘Chicks’ page. The models can be sorted alphabetically, and you can also filter them according to their popularity. You can also check the newest and oldest models of Chick Pass by using the respective filters.

Over 1100 models are working here, and their profiles are archived in multiple pages. In the profile pages, you will find plenty of information about the models such as their age, weight, height, astrological sign, and home-town.

You can also read a brief introduction that is provided in their respective profiles. The ‘Videos’ page allows you to explore all the videos of Chick Pass. These videos can be sorted alphabetically, or you can filter them based on their popularity.

Moreover, you can also filter the oldest and newest updates by using the related filters. The advanced search allows you to find the videos as per your preferred keywords or phrases. You can also filter the results by avoiding the keywords that you don’t want to see in the search results.

Sample Video that Can be Found in Chick Pass

Moreover, you can sort them according to their update period. Also, you can explore the photos, videos, and updates individually. Apart from that, you can also filter the content of the individual sites separately. Also, you can filter the videos as per their categories.

Therefore, the advanced search is comprehensive and filters the search results precisely. We did not get to see any free samples or previews in both the videos and photos section. The ‘Category’ page had a list of categories.

Also, you can filter the categories alphabetically, or you can find the advanced category filters to sort the adult content of this site. For purchasing a premium plan, you can use the ‘Join Now’ page.

At the top right corner of the site, you will see an option named ‘Network Sites’ which displays a drop-down menu by clicking on it. This menu contains all the sections of the Chick Pass Network. Separate pages are provided for the network updates, network sites, and signing-in on the site.

The ‘Support’ page redirects you towards an email address that you can use to contact their support team. Therefore, technically, the support page does not exist. Towards the bottom of this adult portal, you can find the regular pages like ‘Terms & Conditions’, ‘Privacy Policy’, etc.

The overall quality of the content is exceptional, and the same thing can be said about the other sites of its network. Also, you will find the social media pages and handles of Chick Pass towards the bottom of the website.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Chick Pass does not offer a free or paid trial plan. The monthly pass will cost you $17.95. The quarterly and yearly plans are offered at $39.95 and $69.95, respectively. As you can notice, the premium plans of Chick Pass are affordable.

Moreover, you can make the payment via credit card, cryptocurrency, PayPal, or any other option. The payment gateway is safe and secure. As a result, you can pay for the premium plans without any worries.


  • Multiple (at least 2) videos and photo sets are updated every day. The updates are consistent, and therefore, you would find fresh content every day.

  • The streaming player buffers smoothly, and you can even switch it to the full-screen mode. You can either stream the videos in 480p resolution, or you can prefer to watch them in full HD i.e., 1080p as per your preference.

  • Ads and pop-up banners will not disturb you while browsing the content or watching the videos.

  • The layout of the website is clean, and the navigation is seamless. These aspects accentuate your overall experience on the site.

  • This adult site has plenty of lesbian and solo scenes. Along with amateur porn, you can also find several hardcore porn niches that are available. As a result, you get a good variety when it comes to adult content on this site.

  • The website is secured through HTTPS encryption. This makes your private data safe and confidential on Chick Pass.

  • Multiple categories and filters are provided to explore your preferred porn niches.

  • The photos can be viewed separately, and they are also provided with their respective videos.


  • Chick Pass does not provide a trial plan to its users. Also, it does not provide any previews or samples to the new users. Visitors usually like to get a glimpse of the content before subscribing, and this can prove to be a setback for them.

  • The website does not look as premium as it should.

  • The older videos aren’t available in HD quality, the same can be said about photos as well. This could upset the users, especially when they have gone through most of the newly updated content and want to try out some of the older updates.

  • The individuals who like to see only professional models might not find it appealing.

  • There is one pre-checked cross sales that will cost you some extra bucks if you ignore it while making the payment. Therefore, we ask you to uncheck it if you don’t like what they are offering.

  • Chick Pass does not offer a dedicated page for customer support and services.

  • Bonus content like live cam shows, adult gifs, etc. are not provided here.


If you are looking for an adult site that offers lots of amateur porn, then you have several options.

Among them, PornHub Premium seems to be the most happening one as it provides different types of amateur porn content and a lot of sorting options. However, you might not get exclusive content here as most of the free sites source their videos from PornHub.

xHamester also has a huge collection of amateur sex videos. Moreover, most of its content is exclusive, and real amateur babes can be seen performing in the scenes. Therefore, these sites can prove to be tough competitors of Chick Pass.

Customer Support & Other Services

Chick Pass does not have a dedicated support page, nor does it provide the FAQs. Some options provided at the bottom of the site using which you can either contact them or cancel your membership.

If you want to connect with their customer support team via call, then you can dial this number: 7325722382. If you want to connect with them via email, then you can use this address – [email protected]

You can cancel their membership plans using these links:

Final Verdict

We hope that the creators of Chick Pass work on the design and layout of its website. Also, a few samples can help Chick Pass to gather more premium members in the future. The quality of the porn is good, but there aren’t any 4K videos or photos here.

Most of the premium porn sites provide 4K quality content these days, and therefore, Chick Pass needs to improve in this aspect as well. Apart from these minor flaws, we don’t see any major negatives that can stop you from purchasing a premium plan for this site.

Parting words

You can certainly subscribe to a premium plan of Chick Pass if you like to watch amateur girls getting loved in multiple ways. There is nothing much to criticize about the site except for the fact that you won’t see professional and well-established porn stars here.

However, this should not matter much since you get a huge collection of adult videos and bonus content through multiple porn networks.

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