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Chico Wang’s Shooting Style

Chico Wang had a huge house in Woodland Hills. It was trash. It was a bunch of couches. He had the minon to clean up after him. There were usually 80-100 cans of Bud Light lying around. When people came over, they’d often bring Chico a case of light beer and he’d go right through it.

He shot most of his scenes drunk.

His sets were low-key and his scenes were random and spur of the moment.

He’d put out movies that had nothing to do with porn such as Oral Consumption 9. He’d dress girls up in paintball outfits. They’d get shot with a paintball gun and then she’d blow somebody.

He’d have a girl learning to swim in a kiddie pool.

It was like an X-rated version of Jack-Ass.

Anabolic wanted him to shoot hard stuff.

Your scene would take three times as long as normal.

Brian Surewood is an acquired taste for many girls because he looks weird.

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