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Chinese Can’t Identify Rubber Fuck Toys, Japanese Are Inventing Them

Recently a rubber “pocket pussy” was retrieved in China whilst workers dug a hole in the ground. How goes the saying, “Don’t the orientals have small dicks?” Well it would appear they have small brains as well due to the fact they thought the “meaty, flesh-like device” was in fact some sort of plant/ancient mushroom.

Does this look like a plant to YOU?

Does this look like a plant to YOU?

Meanwhile, China’s more tech savvy neighbors in Japan are at it again, coming up with more ways for nerds to practice getting their fuck on with fake dolls. That’s right, they’ve now constructed another set of lifelike breasts for you to slap around when you get bored. It appears the person showing off this plump product is either boring himself, or has never touched a tit in his life judging by the way he pokes at them during the beginning of the demo.

Just lookit that form!


Now for those of you that are thinking “HEY! Sex dolls already exist!” – you are very correct, and perhaps you haven’t seen one as creepy as this:

(I don’t actually think this particular doll is used to jizz inside, and I doubt anyone would feel comfortable doing it haha.)

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