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1. Who is the hottest girl you have ever had sex with in a movie? What movie. Why was it so good?

I would have to say that the hottest girl that I’ve worked with was Sylvia Saint. Not only is she physically beautiful, but she has a great attitude and really gets into her scenes. I don’t remember the movies title, but I, think, it was one of the first Randy Spears directed.

2. What is your favorite kind of sex to have off camera?

That all depends on the situation. What really does it for me, is knowing that I’m getting her off. I guess it’s kind of a power trip watching her get off and knowing I’m the cause of it.

3. I know it’s hard work to shot scenes. Do you ever just not feel like having sex on camera?

Of course there is. Real life gos on everyday with real problems in it. It’s not just going to stop so I can be in the right frame of mind to get everyone out of there at a decent time. That’s up to me to clear the bullshit from my head and find that “Happy Place” in my head that helps me through.

4. Do guys often have trouble getting wood ? What do you do to keep it up?

We all have our bad days from time to time. It happens, get over it and move on. Some guys take a pill to get through their scenes, some do other things. I have to admit, I’ve dropped a pill on more than one occasion. Like I said, it happens.

5. What is the best movie that you’ve ever made? Why?

Wow, that’s a tough one to narrow down to just one. I’ve done a lot of movies that I really enjoyed. Some of which where done on actually film and had special effects as well. I’m not sure that I can pick just one, sorry.

6. Tell me about what you are up too, what’s coming out, what you are filming, all your website addys etc…

Well, it’s been kind of a slow year for me this year. I’m afraid my life hit a bump in the road that wasn’t so easy for me to get over. (I asked Chris what the BUMP was, but I didn’t hear back from him with an answer yet. When I do I’ll let you know) Things are much better now and I’m looking forward to s busier second half to 08. Thanks for showing an interest still.

Chris Cannon

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