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Chris Finer New CEO of HellHouse

HellHouse Media Names Chris Finer CEO, Ty Gonty Chairman

Los Angeles, CA – The parent company of Seattle based adult content giant, HellHouse Media ( is pleased to announce that Chris Finer has become CEO of the organization. Former CEO Ty Gonty will become Chairman of the board of directors. Both changes will be effective immediately.

Finer discusses the changes in the company, referring to a diverse organization that resides in the the upper northwest, and has held market share in the world of media and technology. “I am very excited at the opportunity to take HellHouse Media in an exciting direction, now and in the future.”

“I’ve been involved with this company since the early days and am excited to take a more active role,” Finer adds. “I’ve seen the adult industry evolve in ways many people never thought possible, and while I recognize the problems facing the industry today, I’m confident in the resources and talent HellHouse possesses, and look forward to managing the company as it grows and adapts to the challenges the market presents.”

Chris Finer, who has been one of the long term investors in HellHouse Media, since 2005, has previously consulted the company on its development, sales strategy, and its expansion over the years.

“The role of CEO allows me the opportunity to manage the day to day operations of this company, and as we restructure ourselves moving forward, I intend to bring added efficiency to the table.”

Gonty will be moving from the CEO position, to the chairman position, as the company continues to revamp the overall structure and business model, while positioning itself for continued growth.

“Chris has a diverse and extensive background in the adult industry and beyond,” says Gonty. “Having owned and operated several adult retail stores, handled sales and wholesale operations for various mainstream and adult companies, and acted as a sales and strategy consultant for HellHouse, Chris brings the knowledge that is required to achieve success during these challenging times.”

Gonty continues. “As our company adapts to the changing adult media market, it’s important to make the executive adjustments necessary to ensure success. I’m proud of the company I founded and want to make sure we have the proper team in place to see it through the evolution of the adult media market.”

The company has a plethora of projects in the pipeline, including upcoming DVD Titles such as My Footjobs, Bubbly Massage Volume 2, Bisexualed, and many others. The company is also working on several new web-based projects.

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NL-Lots of Blah blah blah, but no answer to the most important issue.  ARE YOU GOING TO PAY ALL THE EMPLOYEES WHAT YOU OWE THEM?  HOW ABOUT THE INVESTORS?

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