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Chris Streams Rebeca Linares Split over Melissa Lauren

A person going by the handle of “Darko”, posted the following on ADT:

Rebeca was offended by Chris Streams and Melissa Lauren, She doesn’t deserve this, she is one of the most wonderful persons in the adult bussiness, I hope that she can find happiness and not with those kind of people ?

Things are going really well for Rebeca Linares in the adult business, however the same is unfortunately not the case with her personal life.

After confirming some months ago about her relationship with Jules Jordan Video’s director Chris Streams (who she met in Prague three years ago); the Spanish adult actress has announced that this relationship has finished because of his numerous infidelities with the French porn actress Melissa Lauren.

Melissa Lauren was the partner of the director some time ago but it seems that they have been in contact on many occasions. This was also the main cause of the failure of Mr. Streams’s last relationship, his marriage with the Czech adult actress Angel Dark.

Rebeca Linares confirmed that the “Mark Dorcel Contract girl” has caused the end of her relationship with her director boyfriend Chris Streams, “Melissa said that she was going to break my relationship with Chris and she was going to beat me!”

Rebeca is unable to to hide her frustration. She had serious plans for a future to be shared with him, until she was unable to tolerate the situation any longer. Speaking of her eleven month relationship with Chris, “In the first two months I forgave him for some infidilties with Melissa. He has been cheating with her for the last three months and now they pretend it was nothing.”

Also Rebeca says that, considering the interferences of the French actress in her relationship with Chris Streams, even his friends are not comfortable with the fact he will get back with her. She finished by saying, “I am really ashamed that I was his girlfriend”.

This posting appears to be a translation of an article on a Spanish website. The website appears to be an adult news site for the Spanish industry. Rebeca is from Spain. The original article is here.

I have heard from other porners allegations that Chris fathered a child with Angel Dark.

Melissa Lauren responds posting the following:

Oh my god…what a fucking drama queen. Her and Chris breaking up had nothing to do with me… he was just tired of her prima donna attitude and bitchiness.
I wont add any further comments, other than this has no place to be on adt.
It is a very childish thing of her to have her friends post this here…
whatever. People need to accept consequences of their own acts before putting the fault on others, cause it’s too fucking easy.

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