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ChristianXXX Answers All the Questions- Exclusive Interview

An Exclusive interview with Christian XXX

Are there any type of sex scenes that you wouldn’t do?
I have never done a bi-sexual scene, and never will.

What is your favorite type of scene to do?
Boy Girl Girl of course

Do you consider yourself bi-sexual?
No, because I like girls in real life.  I consider someone bi-sexual if they could walk into a club and somehow go home with a dude.  I would never do that, I like girls.

Could you give me one example of your favorite scene in each of the following genres ( please name the movie and the other actor(s)?

Regular Straight boy/girl – anything with me and Roxy Deville
Group scene – The Fashionistas Group Scene
Trans-gender – any of Joey Silvera’s stuff
Female dominant – For “His Ass is Mine” with Francesca Le and Sandra Romain
Chubby girl – Desiree Devine or Glory Foxx
Boy/Boy – lol funny

Do you find some groups more tolerant then others of your transexual scenes? Who are the most understanding and the least
Groups?  i don’t understand the question.  And generally the girls in the business don’t give a fuck about what a male performer does or doesn’t do.  The problem stems from a guy telling the girl that certain scenes are bad.

Do you feel that sex with you is just as safe as sex with any male performer? Including a male performer who only does straight scenes?
Are you saying that my AIM test is somehow not as good as the next guys?  Why is that?  I only work with people with AIM tests.  An AIM test is an AIM test is an AIM test.

Does it hurt your feelings to be called names like TrannyFucker?
Yes, I cry myself to sleep each night.  To my knowledge, no one has ever called me that to my face ever.  People with fake names on forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc. can type anything they wish, none of them would ever say a single word to my face.

Do you think of a transsexual as a male or female?
I think of them as transexual

Do you still do gay scenes for movies, ie boy boy?
Of course not

Do you have gay sex in your private life?
You aren’t really asking me about my private life are you?

Do you have sex with Transsexuals in your private life?
You aren’t really asking me about my private life are you?

How do you explain to female performers that you should not be on their NO list.
I don’t explain anything to them.  They can do what they wish.  But every action has consequences.

What  stars/companies do you have  on YOUR no list?
None, I enjoy working….that would be counter-productive to working.

Is there something specific that has been said about you that is untrue and you would like to correct?
I dont think so, I think my blog speaks for itself

It has been said many times that you are a kiss ass to Derek Hay , can you tell me how that rumor came about and if there is any truth to it?
Derek Hay is a friend and I tell the truth when it comes to things that involve him, but he is a powerful person in this industry, and so people try to take shots at him…..that’s normal for most successful people isn’t it?

What things, physical and mental, attract you to a partner?
I have a wide range of things that I find attractive.  I think being flirtacious and trying to turn me on before the scene helps.  but if you are asking me what I like in real life, my ideal partner is blonde, has fake boobs, works out, and usually is a bit older than me.

Why do you work for Naughty America so often?
Because I am a good performer.  That’s why I work for the companies that I do.  What other reason could there be?

Are there movie companies that have you on their no list?
I am sure that there are, but you would have to ask them.  I think after being in the business for almost 5 years, its safe to say that if I haven’t worked for a company by now it’s because they don’t want to use me.

In your popular blog, you mostly talk about sex, food and working out. Do you have any other favorite pass times?
Playing warcraft and reading books of course

How many sex scenes have you done?
A little bit over one thousand.

How many were gay?


Don’t know

All the rest

How many sexual partners have you had in your life?
Alot, I worked as a host in nightclubs for a few years in Vegas and a year in Dallas, and girls just threw themselves at us.  It was fun.

Why did you decide to cross over from gay porn to the straight side?
Um, because I like girls?  I would have thought that was obvious.  I didn’t live anywhere near LA when I contacted Chi Chi Larue about getting into the business, he made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse and I went from there.  When I moved to the west coast in 2004, I changed over.

How much do you worry about STD’s?
Clamydia and gonorrhea?  Not a big deal.  Staph infections?  They suck, but you just go to the doctor.  Herpes?  I just hope for the best.

How many STD’s have you had? Which ones? Do you know who you got them from?
Of course i have had clamydia and gonorrhea a few times, sometimes I have a clue or an inkling as to where I got them, but I don’t exactly research it.  you go to the doctor, treat them, and move on.

To your personal knowledge, is it true that 95% of the adult industry actors have herpes?
I don’t think its that high, 95 percent?  Hell 20 percent of the industry is brand new each month.

What do you see yourself doing as a job in the future ?
I see myself getting into the talent management side of things.

Can you see yourself getting married and having children?
Nah, I haven’t had that dream since I was 22 and graduating college.

Do you see yourself in a different career in the future?

Probably not, like everyone who has been in this industry for any length of time, the hole in my resume is pretty big, so it would be hard for a variety of reasons to get out.

Feel free to add anything that you think is important, or that you want to say that I didn’t ask about.
I would say that I receive both negative and positive press, which is always going to be the case for me.  I don’t mind being a very polarizing figure in this business.  I think the industry knows that I am good at what I do, and that i am a professional.  I consistently work as much or more than 95 percent of the other male performers so I must be doing something right.  I love this business and the people in it or I wouldn’t be doing this for a living.

Christian’s blog is ChristianSingsTheBlues

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