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ChristianXXX Needs Us !!!

ChristianXXX has e-mailed me, trying to cause a conflict. But when I answered him calmly and logically, and did not PUBLICLY answer him,  I believe that did not fulfill what he wanted.

He was trying to get me to post his e-mails so he would again be in the spotlight. When I didn’t do that, he started posting comments on this site again. I think Christian is missing the fame of his blog, and now that he has no blog of his own to put himself in the light, he is looking for other ways to do it.

This is ChristianXXX’s latest comment. I am putting it up as a post-

“This is why Tara not only has no credibility, but has to be considered fucking retarded. Why did I leave gay porn after 11 scenes?

1. I don’t like men, I like women.
2. I moved to LA where I could be a male performer instead of living in Texas where I couldn’t.
3. I was working 15 times a month my first month in the biz. The money was great.
4. 50k a year? please, I made that in 2004. Since then? Over 150k each year.:”

So Christian- You do only straight porn now?

So Christian-You made over 150K per year in 2005, 06, 07, 08?





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