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ChristianXXX writes an excellent report on the Cal/Osha Meeting

ChristianXXX writes an excellent report on the Cal/Osha Meeting

I was there as well. There were maybe 100 people there in total. Most were AHF lawyers, healthcare professionals or doctors, and various media outlets.

The FSC were there to represent us – Diane Duke, Kevin Bland, Jeffery Douglas, and Dr. Arnott

The adult industry was pretty well represented. Derek Hay, Mark Spiegler, and Chris Fox were there. Joy King from Wicked and Jennifer Larsen from Hustler were there. Porno Dan, Eric John and Vicky Chase, Angela Aspen, Brooke Haven, Dave Cummings, myself, Nina Hartley, Jeremy Steel, and Joanna Angel were also there.

Anita Cannibal was there and even more insane than usual. High comedy especially because they kept letting her speak. Good times.

Shelley Lubben was there with her husband and 3 girls as well. They were very well behaved and made a good showing with some valid points. One of the girls, a petite blonde girl, attempted to energize the proceedings with a little rape accusations thrown around, but she was so over the top, it had little effect. When she claimed to be in the business for 10 years and no one in the room knew who the fuck she even was, you lose a little credibility (I gathered some information and found out her stage name was Neesa).

The AHF was there in force. They were well organized and seemed to know what they were aiming for and what they wanted. I was impressed. Of course when the AHF’s doctor asked about enforcement towards the end of the proceedings……she got a blank look from the CAL OSHA board. high comedy.

I believe they said in the beginning that this was the 2nd step in a 10 step process to making an adjustment to the existing rules of CAL OSHA. They set up a second meeting in October in San Francisco, presumably to tackle the gay porn industry up there.

There were 2 moments of levity….once when Anita Cannibal talked about how she personally didn’t mind fecal matter on her arms and on her body. And second when Marci Greer started blathering on again about the rapists, and Angela Aspen yelled at her “DID YOU CASH THAT CHECK????” classic stuff for sure.

Oh and Desi Foxx was there in the corner. She attempted to make a corollary between the Nevada brothels and the adult film industry exactly 10 seconds AFTER the head of CAL OSHA told everyone that prostitution and adult industry were 2 separate topics. Nice work

Then she tried to bring Joy King and Wicked into her argument, and Joy King promptly told her to mind her own business and not to include Wicked Pictures in her nonsense. Joy King is a very intelligent, well spoken woman, and the doctor she brought with her was good as well.

I think the end result of the meeting was for the AHF to lay the groundwork for figuring out a way to remove AIM from being in business somehow. They seemed to keep making that a point throughout the proceedings. This seems strange to me, because if they remove AIM before they are able to push their condom agenda through…..then the adult industry is back to 1998 levels of testing. How does that help us?

I give the AHF a lot of credit. They are doing what up until now Shelley Lubben has failed to do. They definitely have a right wing agenda, but they do a great job of appearing to be moderate. The 2nd in command at AHF kept saying things like “we dont want to destroy the adult industry” “we are sensitive to your concerns” “we see some validity to your arguments” – they are very smooth in that sense.

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